Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences (2022 Volume 17)

  • Number of issues per year: 24
  • ISSN: 1816-949x (Print)
  • ISSN: 1818-7803 (Online)
Archive (Volume 13 Issue 3 SI, 2018)

Geomancy Theory in Housing Design: Architects Perspective

Goh Kai Chen, Goh Hui Hwang, Nur Hafizah Mohd Fadzil and Toh Ting Yuan

Image Compression Using a Modified Principal Component Analysis Method

S.T. Lim, D.F.W. Yap and N.A. Manap

Phytochemical Profiling and Antimycobacterial Activity of Ethnomedically Selected Thottea Species (Aristolochiaceae) from Peninsular Malaysia

Siti Fatimah Sabran, Maryati Mohamed, Mohd Fadzelly Abu Bakar and Alona Cuevas Linatoc

Establishment of Cell Suspension Cultures for Plant Secondary Metabolites Study in Barringtonia racemosa L.

Nurul Izzati Osman, Norrizah Jaafar Sidik and Asmah Awal

Bromelain Enzyme from Pineapple Fruit as an Antiviral Agent Against HIV, Hepatitis C and Human Papiloma Virus

Marulip Andjaitan, Tutunnugraha , Kezia Hendardi Pamudja, Firmanp Idris, Meliana Tjandra and Tiffany Wiriantono

A Hybrid Prediction Model for Pipeline Corrosion Using Artificial Neural Network with Particle Swarm Optimization

Lee Kien Ee and Izzatdin Abdul Aziz

Thymoquinone of Black Cumins Effect towards Socket Bone Formation Process Post Extraction in Diabetic-Induced Rats

Sabrina M. Pratama, Mei Syafriadi, Pudji Astuti and Dwi Merry CH.R

Segmentation of Multi Food Images Using Integrated Active Contour and K-means

Hamirul Binti Hambali, Salwa Khalid Abdulateef, Massudi Mahmuddin, Nor Hazlyna Harun, Fadzilah Siraj and Hazaruddin Harun

A Review: Supervised Technique for Automated Disease Diagnostic Using Medical Image

Mazniha Berahim, Noor Azah Samsudin and Shelena Soosay Nathan

Optimal Power Adjustment Algorithm for Buffer-Aided Full Duplex Relay with Cognitive Radio Technique

Junsu Kim, Su Min Kim and Sukhyun Seo

Using Computer Vision Techniques to Generate Embedded Systems for Monitoring Volcanoes in Ecuador with Trajectory Determination

Francisco Viteri, Kevin Barrera, Christyan Cruz and Dario Mendoza

Use of ICT’s to Generate Real-Time Alerts Based on the Automatic Analysis by the Artificial Vision System that Monitors Eruptive Processes

Cruz Christyan, Viteri Francisco, Barrera Kevin and Dario Jose Mendoza Chipantasi

Development and Acceptance of Polyherbal Formulation for Memory Enhancement

Nurul Alyani Zainol Abidin, Faridah Kormin, Nurul Shafira Mat Salleh and Nor Aini Fatihah Mohamed Anuar

The Effect of Green Roof Configurations on Runoff Retention Performance

M.F. Chow, M.F. Abu Bakar, L.M. Sidek and H. Basri

Document Clustering Using Combination of K-means and Single Linkage Clustering Algorithm

Anthon Roberto Tampubolon, Novita Sijabat, Ester Tambunan and Sanny Simarmata

Location of Shielding Material and Size of Radiation Field in Radiographic Procedures for Neurocranium Affect Entrance Surface Dose in Major Organs

In-Seog Kang, Hong-Ryang Jung and Jae-Ho Choi

A Relative Frequency-Based Signature Sequence Extraction Method for Two Contrasting Sequence Groups

Keon Myung Lee, Chan Hee Lee and Hyung Woo Youn

The Effect on Death Awareness and Attitude Before/After ‘Thanatology’ Education

Myung-Sook Kim and Kwang-Hwan Kim

Implementation of Illumination Control System Using Sensor Integration

Bong-Hyun Kim

Implementation of Real-Time Data Collection System Based on Improved Web Crawling Engine

Ki-Bok Nam, Koo-Rack Park, Jin-Young Jung and Han-Jin Cho

The Light Conditions Influence upon Blood Perfusion in the Duplex Mode

Jan Kubicek, Iveta Bryjova, Martin Augustynek and Marek Penhaker

An Empirical Study on the Preference of Fast Food Restaurants in Malaysia with AHP-TOPSIS Model

Lam Weng Siew, Lam Weng Hoe, Liew Kah Fai and Chen Jia Wai

Design of RF to DC Rectifier using Steep Slope Tunnel FET Device for RF Powered Systems

Saravana Selvan, Suenwei , Douglas , Umayal , Gobbi Ramasamy and Mukter Zaman

The Effects of Efficacy and Social Networks on Foreign Working People’s Adjustment: The Mediating Effects of Hope

Kwang Mook Choi, Yeoun Kyoung Hwang and Chang Seek Lee

A Path-Set Based Approach for Two-Terminal Reliability Computation of Interconnection Networks

Pradyumna Kumar Tripathy, Ranjan Kumar Dash, Rabindra Kumar Dalei and Chitta Ranjan Tripathy

Study and Analysis of Solar Water Pumping Program for Agriculture In India

Surendra Bajpai and V.K. Sethi

Combined Theater-Level Command and Control

Young C. Park

Improvement of Android Banking Application Integrity Using Dynamic Key Value

Ji-ho Cho, Chung-hyun Lim, Hyo-jung Ahn and Geuk Lee

A Study on Bamboo Reinforced Concrete Beam Using Numerical Modeling and Comparison with the Experimental Data

Ranendra Nath Bhowmik, Joyanta Pal and Partha Pratim Sarkar

Microstructures and Mechanical Properties Studies of the Directional Solidified Developed Ex-Situ Al-4.5% Cu-SiCp Metal-Matrix Composites

Shantanu Debnath, Vikash Swami and Ram Naresh Rai

NoSQL vs. SQL: Operations Cost Evaluation; A Case Study on a Social Network Application

Minh-Son Dao, Yen-Nhi Tran-Thi,, Van-Cuong Mai and Tuan-Anh Nguyen-Gia

Data Extraction in Semantic Web: Literature Review

Rishabh Bhandari, Vikas Deep and Naveen Garg

Hybrid Converter with Simultaneous AC and DC Output for Nano-Grid Applications with Residential System

B. Kavya Santhoshi and K. Mohana Sundaram

Energy Efficient Content Dissemination Architecture for Content Centric Network

Prasanta Kumar Roy, Sangram Ray and Mou Dasgupta

Anti-Train Collision Implementation System with Vector Points

J. Athithya, M.K. Reshma, A. Mohamad Imran and J. Anjana Devi

Route Max-A Unique Energy Efficient Routing Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Network

R. Srinivasan and E. Kannan

Terminal Synergetic Control of Crane System

Djamila Zehar, Khier Benmahammed, Khalissa Behih and Aida Cherif

A New Approach Based on Variable Scaling Hybrid Differential Evolution for Unit Commitment Problem

M. Ramu, L. Ravi Srinivas and S. Tara Kalyani

Effects of Led Light Color on Fish Growth in Aquaculture

Bonghwan Kim, Dongin Lee and Kyunghan Chun

Estimation of Measurement Uncertainty in Electric Vibration Test Equipment

Keun-Seok Park, Chang-Ryoun Son, Jun-Sik Son, Byoung-Nam Kim, Young-Dal Kim and Dae-Dong Lee

Performance Comparison of Optimal PID Controller Design for TITO System

B. Jailsingh and J. Ravi Kumar

Water Strider Robot with Superhydrophobic Surface Coated Feet

Insoo Lee, Kyunghan Chun and Bonghwan Kim

Sonic Wave Vibration Based Sling Exercise System Using Bluetooth Serial Port Profile (SPP)

Hojin Ha, HyunGon Seo and JinYoung Min

A Study on Load Pattern of Large Capacity Load Variation in the Power System

Hyun-Chul Lee, Byoung-Jo Jung, Yong-Gi Roh and In-Ho Ryu

Performance Analysis and Robust Control of a Ball and Beam System

V.I. George, Manu Varghese, Ciji Pearl Kurian and I. Thirunavukkarasu