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Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences (2020 Volume 15)

Number of issues per year: 24
ISSN : 1816-949x (Print)
ISSN : 1818-7803 (Online)
ARCHIVE>> Volume 13 Issue 4 SI, 2018
An Approach to Environmental Investment Decision-Making
Martina Eernikova and Sarka Hyblerova
In vitro Cytotoxic Potential of Yacon (Smallanthus sonchifolius) Against HT-29, MCF-7 and HDFn Cell Lines
Rachelle P. Mendoza, Warren S. Vidar and Glenn G. Oyong
Medicine Natural Evolution of Popular Culture in Colombian, Latin America
Amelec Viloria and Jenny-Paola Lis-Gutierrez
Recognition of Diseases and Use of Herbal in Latin America Indigenous Areas: Case Colombian
Amelec Viloria and Mercedes Gaitan-Angulo
Improvement of the Architecture of Territorial Brands in Current Conditions
B.M. Eidelman, L.R. Fakhrutdinova and S.S. Galimov
The Strategy of Import Substitution Products by Agricultural Enterprises in the Republic of Tatarstan
C.N. Zaidullina, O.V. Demyanova and E. Dkhisamova
Generation of Random Number in Time Dependent Color CAPTCHA for Enabling Web Security Access
S. Pradeep Kumar and R. Ramachandaran
Relationship Between Manufacturing Worker’s Job Stress Levels and Health Risk Behavior
Gyeong-Ha Lee, Cheong-Hwan Lim and Hong-Ryang Jung
The Mediating Effect of Female College Student’s Depression on the Association between Self-Esteem and Eating Attitude
Younghee Jeong
Evaluation of the Image Quality on Computed Tomography
Kwanghyun Chang, Joonkoo Choi, Ghajung Kim, Joongseok Go, Seunggi Kim and Sinyoung Yu
Study on Structural Behavior of Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete
L. Senthil Nathan
Ceramic Tiles Classification Using SVM Classification
L. Senthil Nathan
Study on Structural Behaviour of Borosilicate Fiber in Concrete
J. Rajaraman
Experimental Analysis of Coir Fibre and Epoxy Resin Composite
D.S. Balaji
Design and Analysis of Centrifugal Pump Rotor with Various Materials
S. Muraliraj
Static Stuctural Analysis of Boat Hull Using Different Materials
A. Prem Anandh
To Design and Control of a Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle based on Fuzzy Logic
I.V.S. Ramakrishnan
Maritime Safety Attitudes Using ISM Code
I.V.S. Ramakrishna
Cross Layer Security Approach Using Friendly Jammers in Wireless Networks
K. Sivakumar and K.A. Parthasarathy
Who is Afraid of Power and Horror?: Emotional Narrative Through Story Mining in Apocalypse Now
Eun Jung Park and Jinwha Kim
A Study on Characteristics of Toll Nonpayment Associated with Expressway High-Pass
Jung-Min Kim, Jin-Teak Jung and Hyung-Yong Lee
Investigation of Antioxidant Properties of Badantolstolistic Extractivity
S.V. Tsyrendorzhieva and S.D. Zhamsaranova
Smart Shopping Basket for Super Markets Using LabVIEW
Madhu Nakirekanti, S. Sai Satyanarayana Reddy, R. Murali Prasad, G. Naveen Kishore and D. Khalandar Basha
Interfacing myRIO to Control Various Sensors in Electrical Applications
K. Devender Reddy, P. Sridhar and P. Shiva Kumar
Monitor and Control Focal Shifts in Laser Beam Welding Applications Using Cognitive Approach
Upadhyay Anand Trilokinath and Santhosh Kumar Singh
Trust Aware Routing and Data Forwarding in Wireless Networks
Shabir Ahmed Mir and T. Padma
The Development of Creativity and Personality Education Program Model Focused on Integrated Representation Based on Political Image for Pre-Kindergarten Teachers
Hyoung Jai Kim, So Yun Park, Soon-Ae Lee, Se Jin Eom and Jeong Jin Youn
Flame Analysis of Combustion Pressure Characteristics on the Conventional Point Sparks and Arc Plasma Discharges for GDI
Kwonse Kim and Dooseuk Choi
Maritime Big Data Analysis of Ship Route Traffic Characteristics with MapReduce Processing
Kwang Il Kim, Keon Myung Lee and Jung Sik Jeong
Assessment of Combined Tactical Air Operations
Young C. Park
A Novel Object Tracking Method Using Binary Bat Algorithm
Hathiram Nenavath and Ravi Kumar Jatoth
An Overview of Software Process Improvement Initiatives Promoting to the Growth of an Organization
Smitha Anu Thomas and V.R. Bindu
An Efficient System for Validation of Big Data Techniques
Naveen Garg, Sanjay Singla and Surender Jangra
Location-Based Depression Analysis among the Various Cities of India
Kashaf Khan, Shailja Agarwal, Vijay Singh and Bhasker Pant
A Study on the Provision of National R&D Information Service through User Analysis
Nam Gyu Kang, Kyung Tae Lim and Kwang Nam Choi
The Moderating Effects of Growth Mindset on the Relationship between Academic Grades and Self-Esteem
Yeoun Kyoung Hwang and Chang Seek Lee
Case Study of Convergence Software Considering Aesthetics in Center of Conversion Software Quality in the 4th Industry Revolution Environment
Jin-Keun Hong and Jin-A Kim
Implementation of Kendo Attack Predictive System Using Markov Chain
Hoo-Young Lee, Koo-Rack Park and Joon-Yong Kim
The Effect of Leadership perceived by Flight Attendants on Core Self-Evaluation and Job Performance
Seon Hee Ko
Effects of Intensity of Warm up on Iemg Response During Bench Press
Ki-Hong Kim, Hwan-Jong Jeong, Sung-Sik Ko and Chun-Ho Yang
Analysis of Participant Behavior Based on Resource Dependency Theory in the Process of Deregulation by Designation of R&D Special Zone
Sang-Kill Lee, Dae Ho Kim, Kyung-Sin Kim and Jung-Yeon Im
A Study on the Relative Importance of Early Childhood Education Policy Assessment Scale Based on AHP Method
Byung-Man Kim
A Study on New Topology for Cost Reduction of Permanent Magnet Motor
Sung Gu Lee and Won-Ho Kim
Power Flow Managing in a Stand Alone Hybrid Power System
Modem Narayana and Soumya R. Mohanty