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Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences (2020 Volume 15)

Number of issues per year: 12
ISSN : 1816-949x (Print)
ISSN : 1818-7803 (Online)
ARCHIVE>> Volume 13 Issue 5 SI, 2018
Finding the Visually Salient Object Using Radar Imagery
R.K. Kumar
River Steering System Using Sovereign Exterior Vessel
Samson Joseph
Marine Engineers-Design and Development of a Fundamental Training System
Suresh Pattabhiraman
Soft Start Improvement of Induction Motor Using Photovoltaic Fed Switched Inductor Quasi-Z Source H-Bridge Multilevel Inverter
R. Murugesan and M. Manikandan
Control and Implementation of Fault Tolerant Brushless DC Motor Drive for Automation Industries Application
K. Thufail Muhammed and K. Balaji
Optimized Grayscale Conversion in Images for Leaf Disease Detection
N.S. Anu, Jeslin George and Ranjidha Rajan
Collation Between Hierarchical and K-Means Clustering Algorithm
K.T. Athira, P.G. Gopika and G. Deepa
Predictive Methodology for Child Behavior from Children Stories
V.V. Sruthy, Amrutha Saju and A.G. Hari Narayanan
A Twitter based Sentimental Approach on India’s Largest 4G Network "JIO"
V. Reshma, Sharanya Anand and Maya L. Pai
Framework for Authenticating Smartphone Users Based on Touch Dynamics
Megha Prabhakar, B. Lakshmi Priya and A.G. Hari Narayanan
Disease Prediction Improvement Based on Modified Rough Set and Most Common Decision Tree
Eman Al-Shamery and Ali Rahoomi Al-Obaidi
An Optimized Feed Forward Neural Network for Reducing Error Based Stock Market Prediction
Eman Al-Shamery and Ameer Al-Haq Al-Shamery
Honey Production Potential and Cadastral Valuation of Melliferous Resources for the Southern Urals
R.R. Khisamov, R.G. Farkhutdinov, F.G. Yumaguzhin, M.G. Ishbulatov, R.F. Mustafin, E.I. Galeev, A.N. Kutliyarov and Z.Z. Rakhmatullin
Enhancing Prediction of NASDAQ Stock Market Based on Technical Indicators
Eman Al-Shamery and Ameer Al-Haq Al-Shamery
Demographic Features Cooperationfor Enhancing Collaborative Filtering Recommender System
Zainab Khairallah Kadhim and Huda Naji Nawaf
Distributed Data Aggregation and Selective Forwarding Protocol for Improving Lifetime of Wireless Sensor Networks
Ali Kadhum M. Al-Qurabat and Ali Kadhum Idrees
Novel Design on RADG with Elliptic Curve
Salah Albermany and Ali Hasan Alwan
A Novel Fusion Method in Texture Mapping Environment
Tawfiq A. Al-Asadi and Ali Abdul Azeez Mohammed Baqer
A Novel Texture Mapping Method in Constructing 3-D Object Depending on Triangle Features
Tawfiq A. Al-Asadi and Ali Abdul Azeez Mohammed Baqer
Using Fuzzy Logic to Enhance Network Lifetime in the Clustered Routing Protocol of Wireless Body Area Network (WBANs)
Fadhil Mohammad Salman and Hussein Lafta Atia
TreeNet Model Based Prediction of Testing Effort Class
Safa Saad A. AL-Murieb and Fryal Jassim Abd Al-Razaq
Stealth Routing Within Communicability Graph in Complex Networks
Ahmed M. Al-Salih
Inserting Virtual Movie Object into Video with Illumination Consistency
Israa Hadi Ali and Roa`a M. Al-Airaji
RDF (Resource Description Framework) Serialization for Webpage Integrity
Asaad Sabah Hadi and Alyaa Abdul Hussein Alkaabi
Recovering Blur Target of Video Using Mean Shift Tracking and Harris Corner Detector
Israa Hadi Ali and Qasim Jaleel
Comparative Between Hash Function and MapReduce to Constructing Self-Similarity Matrix Based on Fractal Features
Israa Hadi and Firas Sabar Miften
Modeling Rheological Properties in Blending of Anomalously Viscous Oils
Tashbulatov Radmir, Karimov Rinat, Valeev Anvar, Kolchin Alexander and Mastobaev Boris
Implementation of Low Area FIR Filters Using Vedic Multiplication Algorithms
R. Deepa and S. Elango
Enhancing Fuzzy C-Means by Grid-Density Clustering for Distributed WSN Data Stream
Manal Abdullah and Yassmeen Alghamdi
Usability Prediction of ‘Live Auction’ Using Multistage Fuzzy System
Deepak Gupta and Anil K. Ahlawat
An Approach to Detect Patterns in a Social Attributed Graph Using Graph Mining Techniques
Bapuji Rao, Sarojananda Mishra and T. Kartik Kumar
The Analyses of Efficiency and Performance on Cloud-Based Versus Traditional Infrastructure
Hua Yi Lin, Meng-Yen Hsieh and Kuan-Ching Li
Lp, P<1 Approximation Using Radial Basis Function Neural Networks on p Ordered Vector Space
Eman Samir Bhaya and Walaa Hussein Ahmed
Decrees the Possibility of Predicting Initialization Vector by Using Mathematical Methods
Mohammad Jawad Kadhim Abood, Faez Al-Maamori and Wadhah R. Baiee
Data Classification and Applied Bioinformatics for Monitoring of Autism Using Neural Network
Ammar Ibrahim Shihab
Recommendation System Enhancement Using Linked Open Data
Asaad Sabah Hadi
A New Deep Neural Network Regression Predictor Based Stock Market
Eman Al-Shamery and Ameer Al-Haq Al-Shamery
Exploring Factors that Influence the Usage of Blended Learning among Academicians: A Qualitative Inquiry
Wan Abdul Rahim, Wan Mohd Isa, Indah Mohd Amin and Nurul Fatimah Ishak
Development of a New Social Network Site for University Interactions
Rahman Nahi Abid and Khadhem Radhi
Enabling Spatial Assortment and Optical Magnification in Underwater Optical Wireless Communication
R.N. Raju
Cooling System Analysis of Thermoelectric Generator Used for Marine Waste Heat Recovery
S.P. Venugopal
Design and Thermal Analysis of a Cam Shaft Using Various Materials
A.R. Sivaram
Analysis for Requirements of the Wave Power Conversions
P.P. Vijith
Methods to Rectify the Bow Wave Breaking of Ship: A Study
Vinod Vincent
Numerical Analysis for Effects of the under Water Systems
Y. Gopi Krishna