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Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences (2020 Volume 15)

Number of issues per year: 24
ISSN : 1816-949x (Print)
ISSN : 1818-7803 (Online)
ARCHIVE>> Volume 2 Issue 1, 2007
Qualitative Analysis Model for Software Requirements Driven by Interviews
Haidar S. Jabbar and T.V. Gopal
Adoption of Mobile Phone among Poultry Farmers in Delta State Nigeria
A.U. Ofuoku , B.I. Isife and G.N. Emah
Implementation of Artificial Neural Network with Hidden Markov Model for Analysing the Genetic Code
C. Vijayalakshmi and k. Senthamarai Kannan
Voice and Sensors Fusion for Guiding a Wheelchair
Mohamed Fezari
Growth of ZnS Nanotowers with ZnO Core by Thermal Evaporation
Kamal Mahir Sulieman , Xintang Huang , Jinping Liu and Ming Tang
Influence of Some Rock Properties on Blasting Performance-A Case Study
B. Adebayo and E.C. Umeh
Trade off Between the Aperture Taper and Spillover Efficiencies of Prime Focus Reflector Antenna
Boualleg Ahcene , Merabtine Nadjim and Benslama Malek
Friction`s Force Modelling of Belt Conveyors
A. Belhamra , A. Yousfi , R. Diabi , A.E. Hadjadj and M. Bahiddine
Sustainable Road Development in Nigeria: A Case for Asphalt Pavement Recycling
Engr Oluwaseyi Lanre Oke and M. Asce
Impact of Charred Palm Kernel Shell on the Calorific Value of Composite Sawdust Briquette
O.A. Kuti
Optical Bistability Trimode of Fabry-Perot Lsa with Inhomogeneous Broadening
Abdlekrim Beniaiche , Dinh Van Hoang and Samia Mouassa
Assessment of Functional Performance of Machinery in a Local Beverage Company in Nigeria
B. Kareem
Development of a Changeable Die Forging Machine for Small Scale Forging Industries
B. Kareem
Design of a Haulage System Operating on a Downward Curvilinear Track
Salah Tolba , Salah Saad and Seddik Bouras
The Effect of Physical Soil Properties on the Prospects of Castor Seed Production
S.M. Oyeyemi , S.O. Okeniyi and I.O. Olaniyan
Robust Control of a Dam River System with a Modified Smith Predictor
Sofiane Gherbi and Moussa Sedraoui
One-Stage Implicit Rational Runge-Kutta Schemes for Treatment of Discontinous Initial Value Problems
P.O. Babatola , R.A. Ademiluyi and E.A. Areo
Review of Fabrication Techniques of Fiber Gratings
Bashir Ahmed Tahir , Jalil Ali and Rosly Abdul Rahman
Effect of Scattering Extinction Coefficient on Drying Rate
M.A. Akintunde
Cylindrical Teeth`s Gear in Devellopante of Circle
A. Mekhalfa , E. Hadjadj and A. Kallouche
Diurnal and Seasonal Variations of Global Solar Radiation at Akure, South-Western Nigeria
S.E. Falodun and E.O. Ogolo
The Influence of Weather on the Performance of Laterized Concrete
Oluwaseyi `Lanre and M.ASCE
A Novel DTC Scheme of Double-Star Induction Motors Using Three-Level Voltage Source Inverter
R. Zaimeddine and E.M. Berkouk
On Extended EOQ Model Under Cash Discount and Payment Delay Derived Without Derivatives
Chung-Li Chou , Yung-Fu Huang and Hung-Fu Huang
Extended the EPQ Inventory Model under Permissible Delay in Payments
Chih-Sung Lai , Yung-Fu Huang and Hung-Fu Huang
Synthesis and Characterization of Reactive Sputtered AlN Thin Films
M. Zadam , B. Abdallah , M.Y. Debili , N. Horny , M.A. Djouadi and P.Y. Jouan
Wireless Multimedia Communications Impacts on Tourism Destination Value Chain
Dimitris Kanellopoulos and Sotiris Kotsiantis
Sorption Kinetics and Intra Particulate Diffusivity of Crude Oil on Kenaf (Hibiscus cannabinus L.) Plant Parts
I.A. Okoro , D.E. Okwu and U.S. Emeka
Effects and Optimization of Superficial Plastic Deformation Treatment on XC18 Steel
L. Laouar , H. Hamadache , M. Labaiz and S. Saad
FEM Analysis of Cage Stress Distribution: Part1: Cylindrical Roller Bearing
A. Dib and A. Haiahem
Cement Bonded Particle Board Production from Rice-Husk in Southwestern Nigeria
J.A. Bamisaye
Performance Analysis of a Rotary Wheel Dehumidifier Applied to Air Conditioning
Jose Rui Camargo , Ederaldo Godoy Junior and Nilton de Paula da Slva
Cobalt Electrochemistry in Aqueous Chloride Solutions: Study of the Cobalt Oxidation
, H. Tissaoui , M. Bonneau , J. Bouteillon , R. Delimi and M. Molteni
Protection of the Transformation Stations Against the Atmospheric Overvoltages
Haddouche Ali , Dib Djalel and A. Benretem
Determination of Combustion Parameters of a PEM Fuel Cell at Various Combustion Conditions
Ayoub Kazim
An Estimation Method for Ununiformity Degree of Fluid Flow Distribution in Fuel Cell Stacks
Wang Hong-xing
Friction Factor in the Mine Airways of Different Wall Support
H. Cheghib , K.M. Behim , A. Benretem and S. Saad
Soil-Water Sorptivity Estimation for Some Nigerian Soils
J.O. Aribisala
Water Use Forecast for Hydropower Generation
J.O. Aribisala
Modeling Water Movement in Furrow Irrigation
J.O. Aribisala
A New Forward-Secure Blind Signature Scheme
Hui-Feng Huang and Chin-Chen Chang
Composition and Antibacteria Activity of Steam Distilled Oils from Xylopia aethiopica and Syzgium aromaticum
A. Olonisakin , M.O. Oladimeji and L. Lajide
Diffusion Processes with Reflecting Boundaries and Random Initial States
Lefebvre Mario
Influence of Solid Particles on Centrifugal Pump Characteristics
A. Benretem , A. Haddouche , H. Cheghib and S. Saad
Enhancement of Capabilities in Design Synthesis Through the Concurrent Application of Design Methodologies
S. Abdullah and D.A. Wahab
Semi-Probabilistic Approach to the Sizing of Hydrocarbons Canalisation
E. Bouali , N. Abdelbaki , R. Bouzid and M. Gaceb
Reliability of an Unstable Pipeline Used for Natural Gas Transportation
N. Abdelbaki , E. Bouali , R. Bouzid and M. Gaceb
Nigerian Users` Perception of Performance of Carburetion and Injection Fuel Systems for Mercedes-Benz Cars
B. Kareem