Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences (2022 Volume 17)

  • Number of issues per year: 24
  • ISSN: 1816-949x (Print)
  • ISSN: 1818-7803 (Online)
Archive (Volume 2 Issue 11, 2007)

Study of Acoustic Emission Sensor Techniques for Monitoring Machining Processes

S. Sundaram , P. Senthilkumar and N. Manoharan

A Matlab Implementation of a Speech Recognition System Using HMM Models

A. Cherif , F. Chabane , M. Talbi and F.L. Agha

Influence of the Industrial and Urban Waste Water on the Quality of Water (Case of Koudiat Medouar Watershed)

Tiri Ammar , Boudoukha Abderrahmane , Bouguerne Ammar and Lahbari Noureddine

PC-Based Centralized System for Controlling and Determining Status of Electrical Devices

Mohammad Rohul Amin

High Performances Concrete in Algeria, for a More Economical and More Durable Concrete (State of the Art Report)

AZI Mohammed Faouzi and Belachia Mouloud

Simulation Analysis of Passive Solar Building Based on the Thermal Network Methods

Djamel Beggas , A.J. Wilson and Jahid Zighiche

Reinforced Concrete Beams with Rural Composites under Cyclic Loading

M. Sivaraja and S. Kandasamy

Determination of Areal Anisotropy from a Single Vertical Pressure Test and Geological Data in Elongated Reservoirs

Freddy Humberto Escobar , Djebbar Tiab and Lida Vanessa Tovar

Development of Small Scale Municipal Waste Sorter

F.R. Falayi , B.O. Adetuyi and A. Adesina

A Smart Structures Concept for Truss and Tower Systems

T. Rengaraja and P. Devadas Manoharan

3D Formation Evaluation of an Oil Field in the Niger Delta Area of Nigeria Using Schlumberger Petrel Workflow Tool

Z. O. Opafunso

A Finite Element Analysis of Corroded Plates

A.U. Ibekwe , I.E. Douglas and S. Odi-Owei

Structural Analysis of Corroded Deck Plating of a Work Barge in Marine Operations

A.U. Ibekwe , I.E. Douglas and S. Odi-Owei

Performance Evaluation of Acid Treated Clays for Palm Oil Bleaching

T.O. Salawudeen , E.O. Dada and S.O. Alagbe

Feedforward Compensation Based on Process Inverse Model under FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus

Ramon Ferreiro Garcia and Javier Perez Castelo