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Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences (2020 Volume 15)

Number of issues per year: 12
ISSN : 1816-949x (Print)
ISSN : 1818-7803 (Online)
ARCHIVE>> Volume 11 Issue 1, 2016
The Use of Copper-Nickel Alloys for the Production of Art-Industrial Products
Elena Voynich and Olga Kaukina
Comparative Study of Southern Urals Fortified Settlements in 18th-16th Century BC
Ulchitskiy Oleg Aleksandrovich, Kazaneva Ekaterina Konstantinovna, Veremey Olga Michailovna, Bulatova Evgeniya Konstantinovna and Hismatullina Dina Damirovna
Landscape Design Role for the Formation of Comfort in an Urban Environment
Elvira P. Chernyshova, Mikhail B. Permyakov, Andrei D. Grigorev, Vladimir M. Andreev and Rustam R. Sabirov
Polymer-Modified Cement as a New Level of Electric Insulation in Electrical Engineering Systems
Alexander N. Ilin, Elvira P. Chernyshova, Mikhail B. Permyakov, Vladimir M. Andreev, Anatoly L. Krishan and Rustam R. Sabirov
Effects of Band Superposition on the Satellite Imagery of Aerosol Optical Depth over West Africa
E. Emetere Moses, M.l. Akinyemi and O. Akin-Ojo
Evaluation of Expert System in Scheduling of Repair and Maintenance of Railway Lines
Fereydoun Moghadasnejhad, Saeid Mohamadkhah and Hamzeh Zakeri
Improving of Adhesive Bonding Tecnology of Solid Timber for Wooden Housing Construction in Conditions of Siberian Region
Galina P. Plotnikova and Simon H. Simonyan
Improvements in Teaching Projection Theory Using Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA)
Hamid Haghshenas Gorgani
A Development of MARNI 12.2 Model: A Calculation Tool of Vehicular Emission for Heterogeneous Traffic Conditions
Sumarni Hamid Aly and Muhammad Isran Ramli
Anti Money Laundering in Financial Institutions Using Affiliation Mapping Calculation and Sequential Mining
Vikas Jayasree and R.V. Siva Balan
Investigating the Effect of Latitudinal Slope of Floodplain and Relative Roughness on Apparent Shear Stress in Symmetric Compound Rectangular Channels with Varius Relative Width
Shima Bahadori and Mehdi Behdarvandi Askar
Evaluation of Seismic Vulnerability of Concrete Buildings Based on Different Indices of Damage (Case Study: Office Buildings in Bandar Abbas)
Ebrahim Shakerizadeh
Leakage Current Density and Characteristic Temperature Determination for PbSe/PbSrSe Multiple Quantum Well Structure
Majed Khodr
Mathematical Model for Gas Phase in Fluidized Bed Catalytic Reactor for Ammoxidation of Propene to Acrylonitrile
Ahmmed Saadi Ibrahim and Thabit Sultan Mohammed
A Computerized Study on Mechanical Properties of Concrete Containing Sirjan Pozzolan in Corrosive Environment of Oman Sea
Behzad Dezhkam and Arsalan Dezhkam
Vernacular Architecture Differences Homes Sea Caspian
Houtan Iravani, Sara adavi, Elham Ahmadi, Rahil Soltani, Monir Mazaheri and Zinat Binande
Investigation of New Methods and Instruments for Thermal Emissivity Measurement
Zafar Namazian and Jafar Namazian
Design of Capacitive Integrated Reflectarray Radiating Elements for Beam Scanning Reconfigurability
M. Ramli, A. Selamat, N. Misran, M.F. Mansor and M.T. Islam
Optimization of Fuzzy Multi-Criteria Transportation Problems: A Case of Specific Hybrid Evolutionary Algorithm
Mohammad Mohammadi Najafabadi and Sara Mansouri
Optimization of Reliability Coefficient of Engineering Systems Using a Specific Model for Genetic Algorithms
Mohammad Mohammadi Najafabadi and Sara Mansouri
CFD Simulation on Rural Residential Buildings for Sustainable Development: A Case Comparision
M. Nadarajan and V. Kirubakaran
Photovoltaic Generation Penetration in Radial Distribution System for Improving Voltage Profile and Power Losses
Davud Mostafa Tobnaghi, Seyed Reza Seyednouri and Behrouz Mohammadzadeh
The Effect of Forming Dry Port in Spatial and Regional Planning System in Yazd Province
Ehsan Dorostkar, Shaghayegh Shahbazi and Shahaboddin Afzali Naeini
Using the Cascade Pattern for Sex Determination
Abbas Nasrabadi and Javad Haddadnia
Translations Musical Khajoo Bridge
Houtan Iravani, Elahehmirsafaei and Mahtabfakhri
Characteristic Temperature Relationship with Laser Cavity Length of Mid-IR Pbse/Pbsrse MQW Structure
Majed Khodr
Design and Implementation of the Lighter Version of Skein Cryptographic Hash Function Using Verilog HDL
Aparna Lakshmi Mooragondi, Sushrut Prabhakar, Avinash Yadlapati and Ranjan K. Senapati
Analysis of Zavareh Bazaar Using SWOT Method
Houtan Iravani, Mahtab Rajabi, Neda Zamani, Shadi Yazdanmehr, Zahra Oryani and Shahab Rezaei
A Dual Band Concurrent Low Noise Amplifier for Bluetooth and WLAN Applications
Hossein Hadadian, Esmaeil Nagafi Aghdam and Javad Abbaszadeh
The Echo of Voices in Qabus Tower
Hannan Savarsofla and Zeinab Zareei