Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences (2022 Volume 17)

  • Number of issues per year: 24
  • ISSN: 1816-949x (Print)
  • ISSN: 1818-7803 (Online)
Archive (Volume 11 Issue 4, 2016)

Identify and Evaluate the Factors Influencing Technological Capabilities Using Fuzzy Dematel Techniques at Science and Technology Parks (Case Study: Knowledge-Based Companies at Mashhad’s Science and Technology Park)

Mehrdad Bahremand and Rasool Karimi

Comparative Evaluation of Lacquer Film Stability Applied to a Surface Fluorination

Alexander V. Tscymbalystov, Alexander A. Kopytov, Elena A. Kuzmina and Olga S. Saraykina

Electronic Model of Waste Treatement Scheme

Olga A. Ivashuk, Natalya V. Shcherbinina, Vyacheslav I. Fedorov, Alla V. Zemlyakova and Zhanna A. Buryak

Mathematical Simulation of Stress-Strain State of Low Carbon Steel upon Strain Simulation with use of Bridgman Anvils

I.S. Nikulin, V.B. Nikulichev, T.B. Nikulicheva and M.V. Mishunin

The Digital Ultrasonic Interferometer For Quality Inspection of Piezoelectric Crystals

Nizamitdin Muhtarov and Lenar R. Sarimov

The Role of Soil Fungistasis in Winter Wheat Infestation with Root Rot

Asiya M. Yamalieva, Olga G. Marina Chernykh, Margarita A. Evdokimova, Sergey I. Novosyelov, Faina I. Gryazina, Oksana A. Danilova and Nikolay V. Yanukov

The Features and Prospects for the Development of Modern Halogen Light Sources

Irina Ivanovna Bayneva

The Conflictual Dynamics of Polities and Ethnopolitogenesis

Rubin G. Saifullin and Askar G. Khairullin

Premixes Production for Synthesis of Wear-Resistant Composite Materials

Yu V. Kontsevoi, A.G. Meilakh, A.B. Shubin, E.A. Pastukhov, A.V. Dolmatov and I.S. Sipatov

On Special Case of Smoothness in the Viviani’s Curve

A. Behzadi and S.M. Hajimirghasem

Optimization of Throughput and Efficiency in Software-Defined Data Center

Azadeh Darvazeh Ban and Seyed Javad Mirabedini

On the Use of Expert Evaluation Methods to Select the Electronic Document Management System

Natalia P. Putivtseva, Tatiana V. Zaitseva, Olga P. Pusnaya, Tatiana G. Kuz`micheva and Elena V. Kaljuzhnaja

High-Voltage Power Supply for Electrophysical Installation

E.I. Lvov

Investigation of HEMT and MESFET with Notch in Side of Drain

Farshid Kargosha and Z. Kordrostami

The Effect of Thread Shape and Dimensions on Stress Distribution in Dental Implant and Marginal Bone under Static Load: A Finite Element Analysis

Sahar Abangah, Nader Tavaf and Mohammadreza Mallakzadeh

Switching Characteristics of SOA-Assisted All-Optical Sagnac Interferometer Switch for Picosecond Pulses

Vahdat Nazerian, Alireza Taghavi Nasrabadi and Iman Esmaili Pain Afrakoti

Elasticity Solution of Functionally Graded Carbon Nanotube-Reinforced Composite Rectangular Plate

Davoud Sirati, Alireza Khanahmadloo, Sakineh Bayat, Masood Askari and Amir Rajabi

Modeling of Different CO2 Injection Scenarios in 2 One of the Iranian Oil Reservoirs

Zohreh Rezaei Kavanrudi, Mohammad Afkhami Karaei and Amin Azdarpour

Improving Power Quality of Distribution Grids Using Multilevel Converter-Based Unified Power Quality Conditioner

Masoud Farhadi, Pedram Ghavidel, Ramin Rahimi and Seyed Hossein Hosseini

Finite-Element Investigation of Vehicle Speed Effects on Jointed Concrete Pavement

Saeed Rahiminezhad and Monireh Zokaei

Smart Buildings: Design and Construction Process

Omid Reza Baghchesaraei and Alireza Baghchesaraei

Development of Moving Particle Semi-Implicit Method and Simulation of Flow over Flip Buckets

Masoud Arami-Fadafan and Masoud-Reza Hessami-Kermani

Interfacial Tension Study in Intelligent Water Flooding

Ehsan Eskandari and Mohammad Amin Alishvandi

Nano Studies on a Synthesized Dihydroimidazo[2,1-a]isoquinoline Derivative and Evaluation of its Cytotoxicity Properties on Human Breast Cancer T-47D Cell Lines

Marzieh Dorvar and Samira Arab-Salmanabadi

Improving Reliability of Physically Unclonable Function Using Error Correcting Code

Nima Ali Mohammadi and Shahriar B. Shokouhi

A New Method for Detecting Network Intrusion by Using a Combination of Genetic Algorithm and Support Vector Machine Classifier

Behrooz Mabadi Jahromy, Ali Reza Honarvar, Mojtaba Saif and Mohammad Ali Mabadi Jahromy

Design Battery Charger Mobile Device Using Sound Energy

Hamid Ghadiri, Farshad Jafarpour and Aref Pahlavanpour

Sustainable Development: Learning from Nature

Harimi Djamila

Proposing a New Model for Determining the Customer Value Using RFM Model and its Developments (Case Study on the Alborz Insurance Company)

Mastooreh Moeini and Sasan H. Alizadeh

The Effect of the Dynamic Contact Angle on Pool Boiling Heat Transfer Coefficient in Pure Liquid in Contact with Roughens Aluminum Heater

Hoda Asadinia, Samaneh Bovard and Goharshad Hosseini

An Introduction to Bionic Designing: Matching the Design with the Form and Function Pattern

Foruqh Amoian

Simulation of Lamb Waves Propagation and Dispersion Curve Extraction in Plate

Amirreza Pahlevanpour and Mohsen Nalaee

Improving Speech Signal Encryption by Using Compression along with Encryption According to Wavelet Transform, Discrete Cosine Transform and Symmetric Permutation Methods

Vahid Hosseinzadeh and Jalil Shirazi

The Influence of the Degree of Blastfurnace Slag Crystallization on the Properties of Artificial Slag Brick

Marina Y. Nazarova, Vladimir V. Krasilnikov, Andrey N. Afonin and Tatiana B. Nikulicheva

Insulated Concrete Formwork Systems (ICFs) from the Perspective of Project Management

Saeed Asgari

Numerical Analysis of the Boundary Layer Hydraulic Jump Caused by the Damper Function in Divergent Rapids Stilling Basin

Abolfazl Azadi and Amir Khosrojerdi

Performing Schedule with Focus on Time and Cost

Ali Amiri

Vulnerability and Crisis Management of School Buildings in Babol-Iran

Mohammad Javad Taheri Amiri, Maedeh Javaheri Barforooshi, Rohollah Aghaee and Reza Behzadrezaie

The Study on the Importance of the Loggia, Yard and Room in Iranian House (With an Emphasis on the Houses of Zanjan)

Ali Haj Soleymani and Mehran Dashti

Non-Local Problem for Malmsteen Abstract Equation

Alexander V. Glushak, Natalja O. Gordeeva, Ekaterina N. Manaeva, Irina I. Palasheva and Ilonna M. Primak

The Comparison of Face Detection Methods in Angled Mode

Seyyed Mohammad Reza Hashemi, Mahdi Saadati, Mohsen Haji Ghorbani and M. Madadpour Inallou

Free Vibration Analysis of Sandwich Cylindrical Panel with Functionally Graded Core by Using ABAQUS Software

M. Garooschi and F. Barati

Review the Effect of Using Waste Glass on Resistive Characteristics of Glass Asphalt Mixtures

Mohsen Alimohamadi and Ali Sanaeirad

Design Nonlinear Model Predictive Controller with Contractive Constraint in Fast Terminal Sliding Mode of Plate Heat Exchanger

Roozbeh Ashabi and Jalil Sadati