Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences (2022 Volume 17)

  • Number of issues per year: 24
  • ISSN: 1816-949x (Print)
  • ISSN: 1818-7803 (Online)
Archive (Volume 11 Issue 6, 2016)

Smart Relay Protection of Electric Networks: an Analysis of the Technical Means for Investigation Tests

Yury Alekseevich Kryukov, Aleksandr Alekseevich Funin and Igor Valentinovich Iyenyutin

Smart Relay Protection of Electric Networks: Response Speed, Sensitivity and Selectivity Test with Use of a Physical Network Model

Yury Alekseevich Kryukov, Igor Valentinovich Enyutin and Oleg Olegovich Tsyganov

Application of Wireless Data Transfer Facilities in Overhead Power Lines Diagnostics Tasks

Oleg Gennadievich Savelyev, Ibragim Amirovich Murataev, Marat Ferdinantovich Sadykov and Rinat Shaukatovich Misbakhov

Evaluating Idea-Finding Ways in Architecture to Create a Childish Tone and Structure in the Design of Spaces for Children with Particular Reference to Children’s Literature

Sima Ebrahimi, Aliakbar Akbari and Amir Haghjou

The Structurally Functional Scheme Multi-Agent of Systems of the Analysis and Assessment of Risks of Emergence of Fire-Dangerous Situations on Subjects to Information Processing and Storage of Documents in Educational Establishment

A. I. Pykhtin, O. V. Ovchinkin, S. N. Frolov, E. O. Frolova and D. S. Volkova

Real-Time Operating Systems for Wireless Modules

Danil Aleksandrovich Yaroslavsky, Dmitry Alekseevich Ivanov, Marat Ferdinantovich Sadykov, Mikhail Petrovich Goryachev, Oleg Gennadievich Savelyev and Rustam Shaukatovich Misbakhov

Energy Conservation New and Renewable Energy Sources: Production of Fluorescent Coatings Containing PbS Quantum Dots for Single-Crystal Silicon Photovoltaic Converters

Yu. A. Kryukov, M. V. Lishilin, G. V. Tsepilov and V. V. Ivanov

Effect of Surface Roughness and Chamfer Angle on Tensile Strength of Round Aluminum A6061 Produced by Continuous Drive Friction Welding

Yudy Surya Irawan, Bustanul Imawan, Rudy Soenoko and Hery Purnomo

Critical Load of Thin-Walled Rod with Various Cross Section Shape by Length

L.S. Sabitov, I.L. Kuznetsov, A.U. Bogdanovich and D.M. Husainov

Concrete Activation in Disintegrator During Mine Shaft Fixing

Stradanchenko Sergey Georgievich, Maslennikov Stanislav Alexandrovich, Shevchenko Elena Vladimirovna, Golik Vladimir Ivanovich and Razorenov Yuri Ivanovich

Reduction of CO and HC Emission on ZSM-5 Catalyst Supported on Activated Carbon in Motorcycle Fueled Gasoline-Ethanol Blends

Arif Setyo Nugroho, Y. Yulianto Kritiawan and Thoharudin

Requirement Prioritization Approaches and Evaluation Strategies: A Systematic Literature Review

Syarifah Fazlin Seyed Fadzir, Suhaimi Ibrahim and Mohd. Naz`ri Mahrin

Investigation on the Main Degradation Mechanisms of Steel Wire Ropes: A Literature Review

Houda Mouradi, Abdellah El Barkany and Ahmed El Biyaali

Fluorescent Lamp Environmental State Improvement

Albert Abbyasovich Ashryatov and Andrey Mikhailovich Kokinov

Array Management Using Ore Processing Tailings

Golik Vladimir Ivanovich, Kozhiev Hamby Hadzimurzovich, Stradanchenko Sergey Georgievich, Khasheva Zarema Muratovna and Shulgaty Leonid Petrovich

Influence of Ionic, Ozone, Ion-Ozone and Ion-Ozone Cavitational Treatment on Safety of the Leguminous Plants and Oil-Bearing Crops at the Storage

Madina Yakiyayeva, Auelbek Iztayev, Maigul Kizatova, Meles Maemerov, Aliya Iztayeva, Vladimir Feydengold, Baltash Tarabaev and Zhanar Meirkhanovna Chakanova

Improvement of the Resource Potential Management in Socially Important Enterprises of Agricultural Sector

I.P. Bogomolova, N.V. Shatokhina, A.V. Bogomolov, E.S. Stryapchikh and I.V. Plekanova

The Mathematical Model of Building a Multi-Level Topology of Computer Network for Distributed Corporate System Based on the Inverse Problem

S. P. Vorobyov

Temporal Analysis and Cause Investigation of Uae Traffic Crashes

Adnan Bashir and Sharaf Alkheder

Analysis of Methods for Determining Frequency of the Main Harmonic in the Centralized Systems of Relay Protection and Automation

I. N. Lizunov, R. Sh. Misbakhov, R. G. Mustafin, V. V. Fedotov, I. Z. Bagautdinov, A. N. Funt, O. E. Naumov and V. V. Ivanov

An Efficient Scheduling Algorithm to Reduce the Number of Virtual Machine Migration in Cloud Environment

Abd Sura Khalil, S.A. R Al-Haddad, Fazirulhisyam Hashim, Azizol B HJ Abdullah and Salman Yussof

Innovations in Technologies of Agricultural Raw Materials Processing

M. V. Belova, G. V. Novikova, I. G. Ershova, M. A. Ershov, and O. V. Mikhailova

Effect of Adding Perlite and Carbon Nanotubes on Noise Absorption of Plaster Panels

Majid Nouri Kamari and Amir Afkar

Proposing New Method for Secure Immigration from Tradition Business into Future and Standard Business

Laleh Kheirandish and Rouhollah Kheirandish

Architectural Design Features among Some Contemporary Shopping Centers

Parisa Akbari and Hassan Sattari Sarbangholi

The Study of Stress-Strain Reinforced Concrete Beam at Bending. The Analysis of Picture in the Presence of Prestressed Reinforcement

N. A. Gasratova and and I. A. Stareva

Potentiometric Studies of Nickel (II), Copper (II) and Cobalt (II) Binary Complexes with Glycine Amino Acid in Aqueous Solution

Marzieh Sadat Neiband

Seismic Analysis and Durability Assessment of Nisa Dam of Bam in Empty Reservoir

Reza Darini and Mohsen Irandoost

The Effect of Urban Regulations and Codes on Energy Cycle in Residential Apartment Buildings of Iran’s Cold Dry Climate of Tabriz

Fariborz Mahdavi, Tabatabaei Fard and Fagan Aliyev

Approach to Assessment of Time of Evacuation of People in the Conditions of Influence of Dangerous Factors of the Fire in System of Imitating Modelling of Fire-Dangerous Situations

S. Yu. Sazonov

HSO Based FCM with Active Contours for Glioblastoma Multiform Tumor Segmentation

B. Srinivasa Rao and E. Sreenivas Reddy

Improving the Survival Rate of Land Hermit Crabs Through Shell Ecology

Rory Anthony Hutagalung, Yosef and Sylvain Mastrorillo

Using the Force Decomposition Method to Study in the Thrust Mechanisms of Flexibility on Bionic Structure Motion

Jen-Yi Chang

Research of Silicon MEMS Pressure Transducers Crystals for Robotics and Tactile Diagnostics Devices

D.V. Gusev, R.S. Litvinenko and V.S. Sukhanov

Research of Tactile Structure Based on MEMS Sensitive Elements for Robotics and Tactile Diagnostics Devices

D.V. Gusev, R.S. Litvinenko and V.S. Sukhanov

Utilization of Poultry Skin as One of the Components for Emulsion-Based Products

Galiya Tumenova, Gulmira Zhakupova, Zhulduz Suleimenova, Gulnur Nurimkhan and Botagoz Toxanbayeva

The Effects of Energy Cost Payment Systems on the Heating Energy Consumption of Single-Households Around University Town

Hyun Cheol Seo, Su-Hyeon Park and Won-Hwa Hong

Etched Fiber Bragg Grating to Detect Ethanol Concentrations

C.H. Tan, B.K. Yap and F.R. Mahamd Adikan

To the Determination of Required Power on the Drive of Movable Operating Elements of the Universal Collector-Fodder Shredder

T. Abilzhanuly, D.T. Abilzhanov and A.S. Alshurina

Identification of Structural Systems in Iranian Architecture

Hamed Hayaty and Reza Afshin Far

Recycling Used Lubricating Oil Using Untreated, Activated and Calcined Clay Methods

J. D. Udonne, V. E. Efeovbokhan, A. A. Ayoola, D. E. Babatunde, Ajalo Ifeoluwa and I.J. Ajalo

An Assessment of Refining of Crude Palm Oil Using Local Clay

J. D. Udonne, V. E. Efevokhoun and E. S. Sanni

Building a Generic Simulation System to Enhance the Performance of Call Centers

Razamin Ramli and Waleed Khalid Abduljabbar

Strip Loaded Closed Loop Resonator Based Multiband Defected Ground Structured Antenna

T. V. Rama Krishna, B. T.P. Madhav, T. Sri Rama Krishna, K. Sravanthi and G. Dinesh Gopi

Siliceous Ceramics for Fire Engineering and Heat Insulation Constructions

V. A. Beregovoi and A. M. Beregovoi

Investigation and Implementation of Genetic Algorithm for Speed Control of DC Motor Based on PID Controller

Santosh Kumar Suman and Vinod Kumar Giri

Development of Switched Reluctance Machines Model in MATLAB/Simulink

Nikolay Grebennikov and Alexander Lebedev

Structure Formation of Cement Stone in the Presence of Additive on Amorphous Silica-Alumina

V. I. Loganina, Ch. V. Zhegera, O. V. Grintsova and J. G. Ivashchenko