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Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences (2020 Volume 15)

Number of issues per year: 24
ISSN : 1816-949x (Print)
ISSN : 1818-7803 (Online)
ARCHIVE>> Volume 11 Issue 9, 2016
Exploring the Impacts of Oil Price Shocks on Domestic Inflation
Siok Kun Sek and Tong Sheng Tan
Selection of Potential PV Locations: A Case Study in Bali
I.A.D. Giriantari, W.G. Ariastina, I.N.S. Kumara and I.W. Sukerayasa
Implementation of Half-Sweep Age Method Using Seikkala Derivatives Approach for 2D Fuzzy Diffusion Equation
A.A. Dahalan, N.A. Shattar and J. Sulaiman
Monitoring of Nutrients and Bacteria Occurrence in Urban River Water Using GIS Application
Siti Razwani Ab Rafa, Zulhafizal Othman, Sarihah Redzuan, Muhamad Hafees Rosli, Marfiah Ab Wahid and Jazuri Abdullah
The Application of Coastal Management and Geographical Information System (GIS) Initiatives in Selangor From Government Agencies Perspectives
Tuminah Paiman, M. Zainora Asmawi and Mohd Zin Mohamed
A Mathematical Model for Arsenic (V) Concentration Determination by an Image Processing Assisted Colorimetric Technique
Leong Jin Hoong, Ong Keat Khim, Wan Md Zin Wan Yunus, Anwar Fitrianto, Teoh Chin Chuang, Abdul Ghapor Hussin, Mansor Ahmad and Siti Aminah Mohd Noor
Bioconversion of Oil Palm Frond to Reducing Sugar in Solid State Fermentation By Applying Water-Fed Strategy
Noor Azrimi Umor, Musfirah Azmi, Noor Ashiqin Jamroo, Khalilah Khalil, Syed Anuar Fauaad Syed Muhammad and Nik Azmi Nik Mahmood
Automatic Speed Controlling of Vehicle and Detection and Notification of Potholes and Humps
M.V. Sai Sujitha, N.V.K. Ramesh and Sarath K Kotamraju
Dynamically Reconfigurable Smart Traffic System for Accident Rescue Opertaion
B. Rajitha, B. Murali Krishna, Sri Ram, G. Mohna Sankar, G.L. Madhumati and Habibulla Khan
IOT Based Home Automation Using FPGA
Azeem Mohammad Abdul, B. Mmurali Krishna, K.S.N. Murthy, Habibulla Khan, M. Yaswanth, G. Meghana and G.L. Madhumati
Formulation and Evaluation the Efficiency of a Heuristics Method for Solving the Vehicle Routing Problems
Abolfazl Shafaei
Photocatalysts, Degradation, Reaction and Analysis Photocalalysis Reactorfor Air Purification
Nader Beheshti, Seyed Javad Mohammadi Baygi and Sajjad Zangeneh
Comparing the Modified Newton-Raphson Analysis and Sequential Linear Approximation in the Analysis of Large Fluctuations of the Beam
Sajjad Zangeneh, Seyed Javad Mohammadi Baygi and Nader Beheshti
Effect of Progressive Heating on CO2/CH4 Separation Using Assymetric Hollow Fiber Polysulfone Membrane
Muhamad Azwar Azhari, O. Nooririnah and Ahmad Fauzi bin Ismail
Development of a Model for Municipal Solid Waste Management at Residential Area for Case Study in Kamunting, Perak Using Web Development
Nurul Aishah Abd Rahman, Farah Wahida Mohd Latib, Noor Safwan Muhamad, Muhammad Isha Ismail and Zulfadhli Dzulkifli
Influence of Habitat Affinity on the Bioaccumulation of Copper, Cu and Zinc Zn in Coastal Fishes of Bintulu, Sarawak
Mohamad Mustaqim Abdul Majid, Kamil Latif, Nurdiyana Ahmad Denil and Mohd Zafri Hassan
Evaluation of Improved MPPT-Based ANN Controller for PV Standalone System
Razieh Khanaki, Mohd Amran Mohd Radzi, Shahrooz Hajighorbani and Mohammad Hamiruce Marhaban
Field Evaluation of Aluminium Stress Response of EMS-Mutated Sugarcane Clones
Ragapadmi Purnamaningsih and Sri Hutami
Graph Theoretical Properties of Degree Six 3-Modified Chordal Ring Networks
R.N. Faraha, S.L.E. Chienb and M. Othmanca
Effect of Water and Chemical Retting on Properties of Hemp Fibre and Hybrid Hemp/Cotton Spun Yarn
Thitivara Poonsawat, Porntip Sae-Bae, Manlika Bunphami, Thassaneewan Wetchaiyoc and Piyaporn Jatamaneerat
Analysis of Non-Isotropic Composite Pipes by Using Finite Element Method
Aamir Mohammad Amiri, Hamid Reza Ashrafi and Peyman Beiranvand
Application of Facility Management Information Tools for Registration of Brownfields
Michal Faltejsek, Natalie Szeligova and Barbara Vojvodikova
EnergyPlus Validation of a Courtyard House in Yazd-Iran
Hadi Bagheri Sabzevar
Improve Educational Cloud Using Grid Capabilities
Abbas Taheri, Mortaza Zolfpour-Arokhlo and Farhad Rad
The Using Simplified Accelerogram Based on the Concept of Hit Load
Fereydoon Omidinasab
Mathematical Modeling of Technology for Disposal of Oil Sludge with the Use of Liquid and Supercritical Fluid Extraction Processes
Farid M. Gumerov, Vener F. Khairutdinov and Mansur I. Farakhov
Development of Micro Surface Topography Prediction Software for an End Mill
Dong-Hyeon Kim, Sang-Won Seo, De-Jun Cheng and Su- Jin Kim
On Improvement of Mechanical Properties of Hybrid FRP Composites Via VARTM and Rule of Mixture
Tan Chye Lih, Irina Wong, Azwan Iskandar Azmi and Noorhafiza Muhammad
A Study on the Use of a Stirling Engine Generator to Reduce Fuel Oil Consumption Onboard a Tanker Ship
Wilfredo Erenio Yutuc
A Review on Addition of Molybdenum Compounds into Zinc Induced Bio-Lubricants as Lubricant Substitution
Muhamad Azwar Azhari, Lokman Hakim Mat, Mohd Farizzul Hakim Mohd Saroji, Aliff Amirudin Mokhtaza and M. Hafiz Harun
Value-Added Products from Kenaf and Hemp Core Residue
Thitivara Poonsawat, Pachara Ritdet and Songklod Jarusombutti
Factors Affecting Electric Car Acceptance in Indonesia
Tota Simatupang, Inayah N. Darr Zahra and Rajesri Govindaraju
CFD Simulation in Annular Combustion Chamber of Proto X-3 Bioenergy Micro Gas Turbine
Wilfredo Erenio Yutu Asyari Daryus, Ahmad Indra Siswantara, Gun Gun R. Gunadi, Steven Darmawan and Rovida Camalia
Mathematical Modeling and Simulation of DFIG Wind Turbine
Khalil Valipour, Reza Najafi and Mostafa Bakhshi
Non-Linear Dynamics of Flexible Curvilinear Bernoulli-Euler Nano-Beams in a Stationary Temperature Field
J. Awrejcewicz, I. Kutepov, S.P. Pavlov, I.V. Papkova and A.V. Krysko
Implementing the Theory of Constraint to Optimize the Marine Transportation System Productivity: A Case Study of Company ‘X’
Djauhar Manfaat, Tri Achmadi and Mulyono
Analysis and Diagnosis of Different Defects by Vibratory Analysis on Test Bench
Amal Boukili, Mohammed El Hammoumi, Bachir El Kihel and Said Haouache
A Bootstrap-Based Method of Statistical Inference in Fuzzy Logistic Regression
Farzaneh Moradi, Alireza Arabpour and Ali Shadrokh