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Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences (2020 Volume 15)

Number of issues per year: 12
ISSN : 1816-949x (Print)
ISSN : 1818-7803 (Online)
ARCHIVE>> Volume 11 Issue 13, 2016
The Impact of Supply Chain Management Strategy on Organizational Performance Through Total Just in Time (T-JIT) by Using Approach of Structural Equation Model
Amirhossein Nozari and Maryam Mojdehi
EnergyPlus Validation of a Courtyard House in Yazd-Iran
Hadi Bagheri Sabzevar
Evaluating Idea-Finding Ways in Architecture, to Create a Childish Tone and Structure in the Design of Spaces for Children with Particular Reference to Children’s Literature
Sima Ebrahimi, Aliakbar Akbari and Amir Haghjou
Transformation of Signals in the Optic Systems of Differential-Type Fiber-Optic Transducers
T.I. Murashkina, E.A. Badeeva, O.V. Yurova, M.M. Savochkina and A.V. Motin
Investigating Principles and Requirements of Passive Defense in Dams
Mohammad Mehdi Amani and Hossein Afshari
Fiber-Optic Differential Pressure Sensor with a Cylindrical Lens
Tatiana I. Murashkina, Elena A. Badaeva, Elena A. Shachneva, Andrei V. Motin and Dmitrii I. Serebryakov
Recycled Aggregates from Construction and Demolition Waste for Biogas Draining in Closed Landfills in Morocco
Tkiouat Chafiq and Cherradi Toufik
KACO Zeolite Adsorption of Ethyl Alcohol
T.S.C.A.A. Paranuk, V.A. Krisonidi and G.V. Ponomareva
Technological Scheme Development of the Azeotropic Mix Separation
T.S.C.A.A. Paranuk, V.A. Krisonidi, P.S.C.Z.C. Skhalyakho and P.S.C.A.I. Shugalya
The Algorithm of the Textures Anti-Aliasing in the Virtual Images De-Blurring Methods Area Based Model
M.V. Akinin, N.V. Akinina, A.V. Akinina, V.A. Balakin, S.A. Baturkin, I.A. Bochkov, A.A. Litvinov, I.V. Siginov, A.A. Skuntsev and I.S. Soldatenko
Development Research Methodology Elastic Deformation Total Station
D.A. Gura, G.G. Shevchenko and A.Yu. Gura
Temperature Measurement Method of the Light-Emitting Diode Chip
Myshonkov Aleksandr Borisovich, Zheleznikova Olga Evgenyevna and Kokinov Andrey Mihaylovich
Development of an Automated Lighting Control System Based on Machine Vision and Wireless Communication Channels
Dmitry Alekseevich Ivanov, Marat Ferdinantovich Sadykov, Ibragim Amirovich Murataev, Danil Aleksandrovich Yaroslavsky, Mikhail Petrovich Goryachev, Azat Robertovich Gainutdinov, Anatoly Alekseevich Naumov and Rustam Shaukatovich Misbakhov
Technologies of Data Transmission in Modern Systems of Relay Protectioin and Automation and Their Quality Indicators
I.N. Lizunov, A.N. Vasev, R.Sh. Misbakhov, V.V. Fedotov and O.E. Naumov
Influence of the Oxygen Aging on Dielectric Characteristics of Oils on the Vegetable Basis
Ibragim Amirovich Muratayev, Gallia Amirovna Muratayeva and Olga Evgenyevna Kurakina
Optimization of Water-Fuel Emulsion Component Composition and the Dynamics of Continuous Action Preparation Systems
Sergey Y. Ganigin and Andrey Y. Murzin
Changing Parameters of the Microwave Field in the Grain Layer
A.B. Ospanov, A.N. Vasiliev, D.A. Budnikov, D.K. Karmanov and D.R. Dautkanova
Reliability Verification Method Concerning the Initiation of Elongated Cumulative Charges in a Metal Shell
Veniamin V. Poylov, Ilya E. Shirokov, Andrey Y. Murzin and Sergey Y. Ganigin
Determination of Thermal-Physical Properties of Facilities
Panfilov Stepan Aleksandrovich and Kabanov Oleg Vladimirovich
Existing Approaches to Energetic Survey of Fuel and Energy Complex Organizations
I.G. Akhmetova and N.D. Chichirova
Operating Mode Influence on Probability Characteristics of Electric Devices
E.I. Gracheva and O.V. Naumov
Local Fourier Transformation Application for Mathematic Modeling of Synchronous Machine Valve Actuator
A.I. Fedotov, E.I. Gracheva, E.A. Fedotov and N.V. Chernova
Evaluation of Thermal Insulation Type Impact on the Value of Regulatory Heat Losses in Heat and Power Systems
I.G. Akhmetova and N.D. Chichirova
Nanomaterial Effect Study in the Viscosity Characteristics of Fuel Oil and Alternative Fuels Used at Fuel and Energy Complex Enterprises
E.R. Zvereva, O.S. Zueva, R.V. Khabibullina and A.O. Makarova
Methodology to Calculate Design Parameters of Screw Heat Exchanger for Vat Pasteurizer
Oleg Verechshagin, Gainiya Yesseyeva, Tarbiye Mukasheva, Gulnara Saduakassova, Khalit Gassanov, Valentina Kushnir and Tatyana Shkotova
A Weak Convergence Theorem for Variational Inequalities and Fixed Point Problems in a Real Hilbert Space
Renu Chugh and Rekha Rani