Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences (2022 Volume 17)

  • Number of issues per year: 24
  • ISSN: 1816-949x (Print)
  • ISSN: 1818-7803 (Online)
Archive (Volume 11 Issue 14, 2016)

The Role of the Strategy Committee in Promoting and Supporting Activities of Members of the Board of Directors in the Framework of the Long-Term Program on Development of Public Joint Companies in the Russian Federation

P.K. Konstantinovich

Determine the Relationship Between Public Accountability and Public Trust Customers of Insurance Companies Entrepreneur (Case Study: Entrepreneur Insurance in East Azerbaijan Province)

Said Dilmaghany and Leila Mosafer Yadeghari

Motivational Features of Modern Elite in Conditions of Modernization

Paul L. Karabushchenko, Ekaterina V. Gainutdinova, Natalia B. Karabuschenko, Irena V. Lebedeva and Mariya M. Bicharova

The Role and Influence of Mass Media in Organization of Social Chastity by Relying to Quran Teaches

Faezeh Azimzadeh Ardebili

History of Unique Heliometric Observations of the Moon’s Physical Libration

Yuri Anatolyevich Nefedyev, Piotr Flin, Elena Panko, Sergey Anatolyevich Demin, Alexey Olegovich Andreev and Natalya Yuryevna Demina

Study of Optimal Sowing Date and Rate of Buckwheat in the Semiarid Zone of Northern Kazakhstan

Gulsum Syzdykova, Anuar Zhumakayev, Saule Makhanova, Aigul Tleppayeva, Nursaule Zhanbyrshina, Natalya Safronova and Kymbat Seidalina

Evaluation of Siltation of Rivers with Intensive Economic Development of Watersheds

Olga A. Marinina, Oleg P. Yermolaev, Kirill A. Maltsev, Fedor N. Lisetskii and Yaroslava V. Pavlyuk

Study of Sunlight Heat Effect on Coupled Air Handling in Air Conditioning System and Energy Consumption of Building in Tehran City

Seyyed Mohammad Mahdi Bigdeli and Ahmad fasihfar

Quality Assurance Issues of Hard-Processing Aluminum Alloy Parts Fabrication for Aircraft Construction and Engine-Building

D.Yu. Kolodyazhniy, S.A. Lyubomudrov and T.A. Makarova

Reliability Study of Shipboard Electrical Equipment

Aleksei Fedorovich Burkov

Modeling of Heat and Power System Optimal Structure Using Software

L.V. Plotnikova, L.A. Kashipova and R.A. Ishmuratov

Improving the Quality of Materials for Highway Construction

D.B. Makarov, N.M. Krasinikova, N.M. Morozov, D.A. Ayupov, I.V. Borovskikh, O.V. Khokhryakov, E.M. Yagund and V.G. Khozin

Transformer State Diagnosis in Optical Spectra of Transformer Oils

V.K. Kozlov and M.Sh. Garifullin

Balanced Scorecard as a Tool for Strategic Planning at Industrial Enterprises

Vitaliy Aleksandrovich Zhigarev

Ways of Overcoming Inadequate Incentives for the Engineers in Fire Protection Systems

Ha-Sung Kong

Mechanism of Strategic, Politic and Process Management of Universities Educational Services Quality

Olga Y. Vorozhbit, Alexey V. Rodionov and Nina V. Shashlo

Sedimentological Review of Upper Triassic (Mulussa F Formation) in Euphrates-Graben Syria

Ibrahem Yousef, Vladimir Morozov and Mohammad Al-Kadi

Geomorphometric Analysis of River Basins in East European Russia Using SRTM and ASTER GDEM Data

Maxim A. Ivanov, Oleg P. Yermolaev, Kirill A. Maltsev and Yerlan A. Shynbergenov

Design the Residential Cultural Tourism Collection with Energy-Saving Approach in Isfahan

Faranak Khayambashi and Deihim Taki

Design and Analysis of Full Composite Structure of Lambda Wings

Mostafa Sahraei, Mohammad Ali Vaziri Zanjani and Shahram Yousefi

The Effect of the Adoption of Information Technology on Organizational Agility with Regard to the Role of Outsourcing Activities (Case Study: Service Selected Companies in the City of Qom)

Azizolah Arbabi

Vehicle License Plate Localization in Image Using Edge Statistical Features and Morphology

Zahra Ahmadi Brooghani and Mohammad Sadeq Navabi

The Philosophical Investigation and Critics of the Opponent’s Reason Against Women’s Judgment

Elnaz Alineghad and Leila Mosafer Yadegar

Global Concepts in the Architecture of Sustainable Development

Dubinsky Vladimir Petrovich and Vesna Anastasia Victorovna

Space Vector Modulation Based Matrix Converter for Optimize the Reliability of Small Wind Turbine

Mohammad Reza Nikkhu and Hossein Tohidi

To the Study of the Motion of a Cylinder with Variable Mass in Flow: The Dynamics of a Free-Flow Micro Hydropower Plant

Victor G. Krasnov, Petr M. Kosyanov and Nikolai P. Dmitriev

The Improvement of Power Quality Using Parallel Active Filter Based on the Bee Reproduction Algorithm

Seyed Amir Banihashemi and Seyed Ali Hashemi

Effect of Mindfulness Strategies Training Based on Decreasing Stress on Blood Pressure Related to the People Personality

Alipur Ahmad, Ali Akbaril Mahnaz and Malek Zadeh Akram

Technical State Control of Workpieces and Gas Engine Finished Parts Using Measuring-Diagnostic Unit

M.F. Nizamiev, I.V. Ivshin and O.V. Vladimirov

Finite Element Study of Reinforced Concrete Deep Beams with Rectangular Web Openings

Iman Bahrami Chegeni and Ahmad Dalvand

Analysis and Ranking of Critical Success Factors in the Implementation of Supply Chain Information Systems by Multi-Criteria Technique (Dematel) (Case Study: Mirab Profile Company: Hoffman)

Salahaddin Alipour Navi Motlagh, Kamd biz Shahroodi and Soroush Avakh Darsetani

Use of ANFIS for Rainfall-Runoff Predictions (Case Study: Chehel-Chai Watershed, Golestan Province, Iran)

Seyed Hamed Shakib, Hamid Shoja Rastegari and Ali Rezvani Mahmouei

Investigating the Effect of Composite Stirrups in T-shaped Concrete Connections

Iman Bahrami Chegeni and Ahmad Dalvand

Explaining the Relationship Between Market Orientation, Environmental Performance and Corporate Financial Performance (Case Study: Household Appliance Industry)

Mohammad Khodaei Valeh Zafar, Mehdi Taghavi and Elaheh Habibi Ashtiani

Effect of Brassinosteroid on Antioxidant Enzymes Changes of Cowpea (Vigna un guiculata) under Water Stress Conditions

Aliakbar Shafighi and Nilgoon Bonakdar Hashemi

Assessing the Application of AC Storing, in Directing and Controlling-The Frequency of Micro-Grids

Mojtaba Mohseni and Yassin Aminpour

Digital Image Watermark Authentication Using DWT-DCT

Atheer Bassel and Md. Jan Nordin

The Performance of OFDM System for (16, 32, 64) QAM Before and After Performing Clipping Technique

Fadhil M. Aswad, Mohammed S. Jawad and Ho Yih Hwa

Sentiment Analysis in Arabic Social Media Using Association Rule Mining

Ahmed AL-Saffar, Bilal Sabri, Hai Tao, Suryanti Binti Awang, Mazlina Binti Abdul Majid and Wafaa ALSaiagh

Investigating the Status of the Tax System During 2005-2015 in Iran

Sayyed Mohammad Mirmohammadi and Nader Jannati

Optimize Machine Learning Based Intrusion Detection for Cloud Computing: Review Paper

Mohammed Hasan Ali, Mohamad Fadli Zolkipli and Mohammed Abdulameer Mohammed

Comparison Study Between AODV and DSDV Performance Using NS2 (Reactive and Proactive)

Ahmed Naeem Jasim and Ravie Chandren Muniyandi

FPGA Hardware Implementation for Accelerating QR Decoding

Muhammad Alhammami, Chee Pun Ooi, Wooi-Haw Tan and Soon Nyeancheong

Intrusion Detection System Framework Based on Machine Learning for Cloud Computing

Mohammed Hasan Ali, Mohamad Fadli Zolkipli, Ngahzaifa Binti Ab. Ghani and Mohammed Abdulameer Mohammed

Analysis of Sandwich Structure under the Action of Dynamic Evenly Distributed and Concentrated Loads

O.M. Ustarkhanov, K.M. Muselemov, G.K. Irzaev, Yu.A. Alkhasova and N.K. Akaev

Group Policies Control of Access in the Closed Virtual Environment of the Distributed Information Resources Organization

Igor S. Konstantinov, Sergej A. Lazarev, Oleg V. Mihalev and Vladimir E. Kiselev

Session Control Model on the Basis of the Session Public Key Certificate Releases

Igor S. Konstantinov, Sergej A. Lazarev and Oleg V. Mihalev

Optimization of Participation Financing of Investment Programs with the State Support

Alexandra L. Mashkova, Olga A. Savina, Natalya Y. Tarasova and Sergej A. Lazarev