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International Journal of Soft Computing (2019 Volume 14)

Number of issues per year: 6
ISSN : 1816-9503 (Print)
ARCHIVE>> Volume 1 Issue 1, 2006
An Intelligent System for Machine Replacement Policies
D.J. Fonseca , S.Shital and G.P. Moynihan
A New Fuzzy Power Factor Improvement and Voltage Limit Violation Minimization Technique for Electrical Power Distribution System
K. Manjunath and M.R. Mohan
An Automatic Decision Support System Based on Genetic Algorithm for Global Apparel Manufacturing
C. Rong-Chang , L. Chih-Chang and L. Shiue-Shiun
Immune System Inspired Model and its Applications
D. Hongwei, T.Zheng , T.Hiroki and Y. Yu
Detecting Credit Card Fraud by Using Support Vector Machines and Neural Networks
Rong-Chang Chen , Luo Shu-Ting and Li Shiue-Shiun
Multiple Blocks Query for a Simple Context-Based 2-DGE Retrieval System
Tzu-Shin T. , C. Jeanne , C. Tung-Shou , W. Tian-Shing , C. Shu-Bin , C. Ming-Chih and L. Shuan-Yow
An Open XML-Based Article Composing System and Its Transformation Model
Shang-Juh Kao and Tseng-Chang Yen
Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning with Grammar-Directed GA-P
Santi Garcia Carbajal and Nouhad J.rizk
An Efficient Method Based on Hopfield Neural Network for RNA Secondary Structure Prediction
YanQiu Che , Qiping Cao and Zheng Tang
Towards Information Extraction System Based Arabic Language
S.A.R. Mamoun, M.B. Khaldoon and H.Y. Jabar
Curve Evolution Using Integration of Image Region and Edge Information To Detect Cyst
J. Janet, T.R. Natesan and R. Betsy
Function Approximation Using Feedforward Networks with Sigmoidal Signals
M. Ramakrishnan , C.M. Velu N. Prabakaran , K. Ekambaravanan , P. Vivekanandan and P. Thangavelu