International Journal of Soft Computing (2022 Volume 17)

  • Number of issues per year: 6
  • ISSN: 1816-9503 (Print)
  • ISSN: XXXX-XXXX (Online)
Archive (Volume 3 Issue 2, 2008)

Feature Extraction and Selection for Image Retrieval

J.P. Ananth , M.A. Leo Vijilous and V. Subbiah Bharathi

Path Loss Models Comparison in Radio Mobile Communications

Mohamed Ouwais Kabaou , Belgacem Rhaimi Chibani and Mohamed Naceur Abdelkrim

Multi Agent System for Improving TCP/IP Performance over Wireless Networks

B. Sasikumar and V. Vasudevan

Discovering Frequent Patterns and Trends by Applying Web Mining Technology in Web Log Data

C. Umapathi and J. Raja

Design of Speech Control System Based on HMM Approach Applied to a Robot Arm

Mohamed Fezari

Digital Mammogram Segmentation and Tumour Detection Using Artificial Neural Networks

Y. Ireaneus Anna Rejani and S. Thamarai Selvi

QoS Metrics Evaluation in Two Network Layers in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks

Mehrdad Manaffar , Hamidreza Bakhshi and Nasser Yazdani

Invariant Moments to Scene Categorization Using Support Vector Machines

V. Devendran , Amitabh Wahi and Hemalatha Thiagarajan

An Adaptive Approach for Parallel Simulated Annealing

A. Iyemperumal and S.P. Rajagopalan

Enhancing the Performance of Handwritten Tamil Character Recognition System by Slant Removal and Introducing Special Features

N. Shanthi and K. Duraiswamy

Efficient Graph Structure for the Mining of Frequent Itemsets From Data Streams

E.R. Naganthan and F. Ramesh Dhanaseelan

A Computational Time Requirement Comparison Between Two Approaches in MBPC

Ben Nasr Hichem and Faouzi M. Sahli

Particle Swarm Optimization for Automatic Detection of Breast Cancer

K. Geetha and K. Thanushkodi

Neuro Fuzzy Modeling Approach for Prediction of Equilibrium Moisture Characteristics and Shelf-life of Corn Flour

D.O. Araromi , O.A. Olu-Arotiowa , J.O. Olajide and T.J. Afolabi

Image (B and W, Color) Extraction Approach Wide Quine Mc Cluskey’s Tabular Method

K. Selvam and B. Poorna