International Journal of Soft Computing (2022 Volume 17)

  • Number of issues per year: 6
  • ISSN: 1816-9503 (Print)
  • ISSN: XXXX-XXXX (Online)
Archive (Volume 1 Issue 3, 2006)

The Structuring of Electro Mechanic Conversion Drive Chain

S. Hassainia, H. Abbassi and S. Kechida

A Genetic Algorithm Approach to Solve Mobile Base Station Location Problem

S. Sakthivel and R. Suresh

A Genetic Algorithm Approach for Assigning Mobile Base Stations to Switches in Cellular Mobile Networks

S. Sakthivel and R. Suresh

A Genetic Algorithm Approach to Solve Broadcast Scheduling Problem

S. Sakthivel and R. Suresh

Optimum Design of Grounding System in Uniform and Non-Uniform Soils Using ANN

O.E. Gouda, G.M. Amer and T.M. EL-Saied

Mechanisms to Map Correct Occam3 Constructs in Ada World

M. Nekkache, M. Aliouat and L. Frecon

A New Payment Protocol for Distance Learning

Wei-Kuei Chen

Integration of Fuzzy Logic Based Control Procedures in Cryogenic Distillation

C. Riverol and C. Carosi

Fault Detection Using Fuzzy Similarities

C. Riverol and J. Cooney

A Deterministic Inventory Model for Deteriorating Items with Partially Backlogged and Stock and Time Dependent Demand Under Trade Credit

R. Uthayakumar and P. Parvathi

A Comparison of Soft Computing Methods for Reservoir Simulation

Guadalupe Janoski , Srinivas Mukkamala and Andrew H. Sung

Radiosonde Refractivity Data Analysis Using Neural Network Techniques

Ibrahim A. Altawil , Mohammad H. Bataineh and Deifallah A. Dajeh

Review on Session-Keys and Their Importance for Secured Electronic Transactions

M. Ismail Jabiullah and M. Lutfar Rahman

Comparative Study of MAC Protocols for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

Sanjeev Sharma , R.C. Jain , Sarita Bhadauria and Ramesh Cherukuru

A Neuro-Fuzzy Image Segmentation Alogrithm

Abdelouahab Moussaoui