International Journal of Soft Computing (2022 Volume 17)

  • Number of issues per year: 6
  • ISSN: 1816-9503 (Print)
  • ISSN: XXXX-XXXX (Online)
Archive (Volume 2 Issue 1, 2007)

Information Systems: Object Oriented Development

G.E. Haramis, Th.A. Fotiadis and John Mylonakis

Arabic Handwriting Word Recognition Based on a Hybrid HMM/ANN Approach

Narima Zermi , Messaoud Ramdani and Mouldi Bedda

Adaptive Selection of Top-m Retrieval Strategies for Data Fusion in Information Retrieval

N.P. Gopalan and K. Batri

Intelligent Communicating Agent and Their Performance for Multi-Agent Based Traffic Controller-A New Approach for Roads Using JADE

K.L. Shunmuganathan , V.V. Asudevan and P. Yogesh

Efficient Association Rules for Data Mining

C.M. Velu , M. Ramakrishnan , V. Somu , P. Loganathan and P. Vivekanandan

Classification of Heart Sound Signals Using Discrete Wavelet Analysis

Jalel Chebil and Jamal Al-Nabulsi

Joint Source Channel Coding for Image Transmission over Wireless Channel Using Sequence Minimum Mean Squared Error Decoder

Jalel Chebil and Boualem Boashash

Building OWL Ontology to Enhance the Peer Profile in Platforms Integration Case

Younes Djaghloul and Zizette Boufaida

A Semantic-Based Architecture for Intelligent Destination Management Systems

Dimitris Kanellopoulos and Sotiris Kotsiantis

Constrained Nonlinear Neural Model Based Predictive Control Using Genetic Algorithms

Mohamed Boumehraz

Optimization of Association Rules Using Genetic Algorithms

Sanjeev Sharma , Vivek Badhe and Sudhir Sharma

Local Ensembles vs. Global Ensembles

S.B. Kotsiantis and D.N. Kanellopoulos

Speech Recognition Standard Procedures, Error Recognition and Repair Strategies

E. Ramaraj and E. Chandra

A Generic Discriminative Model for Information Extraction

M. Sathya , V. Prasanna Venkatesan and G. Sureshkumar

CPU Secheduling with Fieldbus Systems

Shatha K. Jawad and Munther N. Al-Tikriti

Two Efficient Digital Multisignature Schemes

Sattar J. Aboud

A New Predictive and Interpolative Image Compression Scheme Based on Block Truncation Coding

K. Somasundaram and I. Kaspar Raj

GA Optimized Negative Association Rule Mining

Sanjeev Sharma , Sudhir Sharma and Jitendra Agrawal

Novel Techniques for Face Recognition Identification and Labeling

Mikhled Alfaouri , Hilal M. Al-Bayatti and Nada N. Al-Ramahi

A Learning Unidirectional Linear Response Fuzzy Controller with Golden Section Search

Guofeng Tang , Catherine Vairappan , Qiping Cao and Zheng Tang

Econometric Analysis of Domestic Transportation of Refined Petroleum Products in Nigeria

U. Kenneth Nnadi and D. Cmilt

Mining Student Data to Characterize Drop out Feature Using Clustering and Decision Tree Techniques

K. Shyamala and S.P. Rajagopalan

Detail Analysis on the Authentication Models and Developing a Framework for Distributed Trust Model in Internet Scale Ubiquitous Computing

A.K.M. Najmul Islam and K.M. Najmul Islam

Performance Analysis and Comparison of Wavelet Families Using for Image Compression

Yogendra Kumar Jain and Sanjeev Jain

Hebbian Neural Network Based Algorithm for Video Processing

Ismail A. Ismail , Nabawia A. El-Ramly , Mohammed Amin and Hani M. Ibrahim

First Order Difference Equation Implementation for Image Filtering

Ismail A. Ismail , Nabawia El-Ramly , Mohammed Amin and Hani M. Ibrahim

Cognitive Modelling of a Financial Software Advisor: COFINA

Touahria Mohamed , Khababa Abdallah and Frecon Louis

A New Detail Preserving Neural Median Filter with Reduced Streaking and False Alarm for Impulse Noise Suppression in Images

S. Manikandan and D. Ebenezer

Validation of Intelligent Systems: A Critical Study and a Tool, Corus

Khababa Abdallah , Touahria Mohamed and Frecon Louis

Un-match: Object-Oriented Software Design Method and Visual Programming

Bill Yu-Fan Cheng , Jonathan Jiin-Tian Chyou and Jung-Jung Liu

Augmented Reality for Video-Based Endoscopic Surgry

H. Djaghloul and M. Batouche

Wavelet-Based Medical Augmented Reality CSG Objets Watermarking

H. Djaghloul