International Journal of Soft Computing (2022 Volume 17)

  • Number of issues per year: 6
  • ISSN: 1816-9503 (Print)
  • ISSN: XXXX-XXXX (Online)
Archive (Volume 11 Issue 3, 2016)

On the Study of 3D Fractals

Bulusu Rama and Jibitesh Mishra

A Novel Anonymous and Certificate less Public Key Infrastructure for MANETS

G. Anandhi and S.K. Srivatsa

Mathematical Model of Avian Influenza When there is the Traveling of Tourists from the Risk Countries

Jiraporn Lamwong and Puntani Pongsumpun

Determination of Center Frequency of the Signal on the Basis on Wavelet Transformation

K.S. Makarov and A.S. Sizov

About Realization of Some Turing Machine is Finite-State and Store Machines with the Exit

N.K. Zarubina and V.P. Dobritsa

Ant Colony Optimization for Multiversion Software Synthesis

Roman Yurievich Tsarev, Igor Vladimirivich Kovalev, Eugeny Valerievich Soloviev, Alexander Vladimirovich Prokopenko and Alexey Nikolaevich Knyazkov

Multistage Enhancement of Multilingual Native Speaker Recognition in Neural Network on Mobile Data

Manju Patel and Rajeswari Mukesh

Query Plan Generation in DDS Using Non Dominant Based Teacher-Learner Optimization (ND-TLBO) Algorithm

S. Venkata Lakshmi and Valli Kumari Vatsavayi

A New Approach Towards Item Set Mining Using Distribution Model

Paul P. Mathai and R. V. Sivabalan

An Initial Occupancy Based Router Policy Ensuring Better QOS for Real Time Data Transfers

Jyothish K. John and R. V. Siva Balan

The Comparative Study for Statistical Process Control of Software Reliability Model Based on Finite and Infinite NHPP Using Rayleigh Distribution

Hee-Cheul Kim

A New Electromagnetic Codes Design for a Functional Antenna Technology

E. Emetere Moses and Esisio E. Faith

Ant System-Based Feature Set Partitioning Algorithm for Classifier Ensemble Construction

Abdullah and Ku Ruhana Ku-Mahamud

Decision Support System for Syndrome Differentiation in Traditional Chinese Medicine Based on Expert System

I. G.P. Asto Buditjahjanto

Research of the Movement of the Vibrating Tool with the Relay Control System

O.O. Yanochkina and A.V. Kiselev

Method of Authentication of Users of Mobile Devices

T.I. Lapina, V.N. Nikolaev, D.V. Lapin and E.A. Petrik

Software Defect Prediction Using Euclidean Distance Probability

Akarsh Goyal, Neel Sheth and N Sujith Kumar Reddy

The Method of Classification of Signals in Telecommunication Systems

T.I. Lapina, D.V. Lapin and E.A. Titenko

A Pic Microcontroller-Based Protection System of Three-Phase Induction Motor

El Sayed M. Tag Eldin and Nivin Ghamry

A Detailed Survey on Security Attacks on Wireless Sensor Network and its Countermeasures

P. Sherubha and M. Mohana Priya