The Social Sciences (2022 Volume 17)

  • Number of issues per year: 12
  • ISSN: 1818-5800 (Print)
  • ISSN: 1993-6125 (Online)
Archive (Volume 11 Issue 4, 2016)

The Role of Religious Beliefs and Self-Monitoring on Meaning in Life a High School Girl Students in the City of Ilam

Seyed Rahmatallah Musavimoghadam, Roya Hashemi and Reza Dousti

Correlation of Between Creative Thinking with Language Anxiety and Learning English in Turkmen Bilingual Students

Ali Reza Homayouni, Muhammad Hossein Abdollahi, Soheila Hashemi, Valiollah Farzad and Fariborz Dortaj

Combat Money Laundering in Iran Rights and International Documents

Ahmad Reza Behniafar and Mohammad Reza Ebrahimi

The Structural Model for the Application of Relationship Marketing in the Political Market

Mehdi Shahin

Sociological Analysis of Professional Skills and its Impact on the Employment of Female-Headed Households (With Emphasis on Female-Headed Households Covered by the Relief Committee of Imam Khomeini in Tehran in 2014)

Soraya Goudarzi, Reza Ismaili and Ismail Jahanbakhsh

Communicational Skills in Islamic Life Style from Koran and Nahjolbalaghe Point of View

Syed Rahmatollah Mousavi Moghadam, Afsaneh Hemmati and Nosrat Moradi

Outcast in the Poem of Urwah Ibn Al-Vard

Shafih Borhani, Ardashir Sadradini and Roghaye Ershadi Mahmood Jagh

A Critique of Documentations of Discretionary Death Penalty in Jurisprudence and Afghanistan Penal Code

Ali Akbar Fayaz, Abdul Karim Abdullahi Nezhad and Hussein Naseri Moghaddam

The Border Between “Enjoining the Good and Forbidding the Evil” Principle and Privacy; Society’s Salvation

Batoul Gergin and Fatemeh Aziz-Zadeh

The Requisiteness of Revising and Altering Legitimate Defense Law

Batoul Gergin and Fatemeh Aziz-Zadeh

The Absolute Ban on Torture and the International Treaties and Obligations of Governments

Ahmad Reza Behniafar, Soheil Kabiri and Leyla Badri

University and the Capitalization of Knowledge in the Modern Era

V.P. Rimskii, I.B. Ignatov, S.N. Borisov and I.G. Kolesnikova

Service Efficiency as a Factor of Competitiveness of Higher Education Institutions

I.Iu. Zhdankina, Iu.Iu. Sysoeva and E.A. Shamin

Physical Training at University as a Means of Adaptation of Foreign Students to the Study in Different Cultural Environment

Elena V. Fazleeva, Anna S. Shalavina, Grigory I. Pasmurov and Marat I. Rahimov

Optionality in English Grammar

A.A. Bilyalova, T.V. Lyubova and L.M. Zaynullina

Contemporary Analysis of Social Consequences of Imprisonment Application in the Republic of Kazakhstan

Talgat K. Akimzhanov, Balgyn A. Torgautova, Tatyana I. Zinkevich, Victoria V. Lyutsik and Marina V. Chokina

The Professionally-Oriented Foreign Language Teaching at Non-Linguistic Faculties of Universities

Raikhan Dabyltayeva, Nazym Dabyltayeva and Olga Kuratova

Development of Students’ Learning Motivation by Means of Innovative Educational Technologies

Maria I. Plugina, Irina Yu. Sokolova, Viktor Ya. Gorbunkov, Stoyana V. Znamenskaya and Maksim V. Goman

The Study on the Professional Culture as a System-Making Competence of the Future Specialist

N.I. Isaeva, S.I. Mamatova, V.I. Kovalenko and S.I. Kurganskiy

Human Resources Capacity of Municipal Administration: Ways out of Crisis

Y.V. Astakhov and I.V. Konev