The Social Sciences (2022 Volume 17)

  • Number of issues per year: 12
  • ISSN: 1818-5800 (Print)
  • ISSN: 1993-6125 (Online)
Archive (Volume 11 Issue 16, 2016)

Universality and Diversity of Cultural-Influenced Speech Emotion Recognition System

Norhaslinda Kamaruddin, Abdul Wahab, Muhammad Jaliluddin Mazlan and Norul Ayny Norzilan

Leadership Style on Religious Organizations Qadiri Order in West Sulawesi, Indonesia

Padulullah Saleh, Muhammad Ramli and Muhammad Rifdan

Criminal and Legal Analysis of Trafficking in Minors in the Republic of Kazakhstan

Dauren Balgimbekov, Bulat Seytkhozhin, Aytkul Koszhanov, Kuandyk Aynabek and Alma Nurpeisova

Constitutional Legal Status of Political Parties in the Republic of Kazakhstan

C.K. Amandykova and D.B. Kalmaganbetova

Innovative Technology is the Basis of the Formation of Professional Competence of Future Professionals in Primary School

Amina Amirova, Klara Buzaubakova, Aimkul Akhmetova, Meirgul Ospanbekova, M. Abdirassilov and Saltanat Aubakirova

Influence of the Social and Demographic Status on the Emotional Condition of the HIV-Positive People

Zabira Madaliyeva, Aigerim Mynbayeva, Ainur Zhexembinova and Zuhra Sadvakassova

The Content and the Componential Structure of the Projective Competence

D.I. Mukhatayeva, A.A. Bulatbayeva, G.A. Kassen, A.B. Aitbayeva and M.E. Seilkhanova

Analysis of the Transport-Communication Complex of the Republic of Kazakhstan: Current State

Daulet Karibek, Indira Rystina, Aliya Kussainova, Aigerim Turkhanova and Gulnara Ibragimova

Legal Framework for Fighting Social Deviations in Juvenile Justice Sphere

Nikoli V. Valuiskov

Social and Economic Consequences of Regional Ethnic Migration for National Security and Social Health of the Russian Youth

M. Shakhbanova Madina, K. Gafiatulina Natalya, V. Vereshchagina Anna, I. Samygin Sergey and I. Imgrunt Svetlana

Developing the Use of Social Media in the Activities of University Libraries in Vietnam

T.L. Bui and K.S.M. To

Internet as an Instrument of Influence on Value Settings of the Youth

Svetlana Puzikova, Zabira Madaliyeva, Natalia Kudro, Roza Kasymova and Kuanysh Moldasan

Measurement of Credit Risk Portfolio of Bank by Method of Coefficient Variation Bound

Amjad Zarei

Semantic and Cognitive Specificity of English Verbs to Destroy, to Demolish, to Ruin and their Equivalents in Russian Translation

Perizat Zh. Balkhimbekova, Gulbanu S. Kossymova and Elena M. Markova

The Intricacy of Kinship: a Psychological Study of Conjugal Dissolution in My Tan’s the Valley of Amazement.

J. Amutha Monica, Mercy Gnana Gandhi and G. Sithalakshmy

Experience of Designing of Educational Training Programs of Social Pedagogues: Comparative Analysis

Aigul Bulatbayeva, Aigerim Mynbayeva, Sharkul Taubayeva and Zabira Madaliyeva

The Category of Opposition in Lexical and Semantical Aspects (Based on Russian and English Literature)

Farida Hamisovna Ismaeva and Liya Akhatovna Kornilova

Common Roots, Common Spirituality: Literary Relationships of the Tatar and Azerbaijani Literature in the Context of the Dialogue of Cultures

Foat G. Galimullin, Alfiya F. Galimullina and Liailia I.Mingazova

The Threats for Modern Water and Energy Situation in Central Asia and the Ways of Protection from Them

Zharas Kenzhegali

Theoretical Approaches to Understanding of a Welfare State in Modern Times

Tatyana Ivanovna Au

Freeport of Vladivostok as the Competitiveness Increase Tool for Russian Fish Export

Olga Vorozhbit and Olga Korneyko

The Study of Factors Affecting Sports Participation (Physical, Psychological, Familial, Social, Cultural, Administrative-Opportunities and Economic) Faculty and Staff of the University of Malayer City from their Perspective

Mohammad Mohammadi and Kiumars Azizmalayeri

Studying the Concept of Dragon in Iranian Ancient Culture

Maryam Motafakerazad and Leila Dobakhty

Ranking Iran Private Schools and its Executive System

Heidar Toorani

Contemplation on Juridical Verdicts and Effects of Artificial Fecundation

Firoozeh Talachia and Seyed Mohammad Taghi Alavi

The Hidden Curriculum of a Special Education Program in a Junior Science College in Malaysia

Fatimah , Mohd Ihsan, Samsilah Roslan, Nor Hayati, Alwi , Zeinab Ghiami, Turiman Suandi and Azimi Hamzah

Evaluation of Relationship Between Organizational Culture and Job Satisfaction among Employee of Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences

Abdolhamid Zokaei, Arash Ziapour and Neda Kianipour

Nigeria and Trips: Positioning Nigeria for the Promotion of a Sustainable National Development

Nkem Itanyi

Post Keynesian Effective Demand and Unemployment “Evidence from Nordic Countries”

Haytham Ewaida

The System Analysis of Psychological Factors Determining Victimization of Deviant Adolescents in Society

S.B. Bashmakova, O.L. Koroleva, T.N. Matantseva, E.V. Khmelkova and N.N. Sheshukova

Restructuring Results of Donbass Coal Mining Enterprises

Belodedov Andrey Alexeevich, Golik Vladimir Ivanovich, Zaalishvili Vladislav Borisovich, Khasheva Zarema Muratovna and Shulgaty Leonid Petrovich

Problems of Forming of Managerial Potential at Students of Engineering Specialties in Higher Education Institutions of Kazakhstan

Gulmira Tulekova, Bakhyt Galiyeva and Amina Mukhambetova

The Comparative Analysis of Anthropocentric Phraseological Units in Russian, English and Tatar Languages

Marat Aidarovich Yahin, Liliya Radikovna Sakaeva and Burenkova Olga Mikhailovna

Creative Approaches Development to Make Learning on the Coursebook Absorbing

M. Asiya Ilyasova, S. Alsu Khakimzyanova and N. Ramziya Gubaidullina

Life Values of Today's Women in Single-industry Towns of Russia (Adapted from Sociological Studies Done in Magnitogorsk)

A. Burilkina Svetlana, V. Oleynik Elena, G. Suprun Nellie, A. Bezenkova Tatyana and Yu. Andrusyak Natalya