The Social Sciences (2022 Volume 17)

  • Number of issues per year: 12
  • ISSN: 1818-5800 (Print)
  • ISSN: 1993-6125 (Online)
Archive (Volume 11 Issue 23, 2016)

Haji and Lebai from the Perspective of Master Syeikh Abdul Qadir Al-Mandili Al-Indonesi (1910-1965)

Ramli Awang, Mansoureh Ebrahimi, Kamaruzaman Yusoff and Berhanuddin Abdullah

Investigate the Relationship of Parenting Patterns with Mental Health and Educational Attainment among Khuzestan School Students

Yousef Mombeyni

Comparing the Teacher’s Attitude to the Top and Normal Students about Various Aspects of Cognitive Growth at High Schools of Tajikistan

Shahnaz Moradi Ghareh Gheshlaghi

A Comparative Study of Some Crimes in Islamic Religion and the Rules of Zoroastrianism in Iran

Maryam Heshmati and Mohammad Alinia

Reviews and Criticism of Rehabilitation in the Legal System of Iran

Younes Oftadeh and Ali Yosef Zadeh

Tourism Perception of Turkestan Residents and Their Attitudes Towards Tourism

Burhan Sevim

Budgetary System Reforms in Nigeria: Implications for Poverty Reduction

Ben-Caleb Egbide, Omoleyinwa Eddy, Obigbemi Imoleayo and Adeyemo Kingsley

Perceived Attitude of Teachers in Rural Areas towards Information and Communication Technology

Hairulliza Mohamad Judi, Hazura Mohamed and Siti Fadzilah Mat Noor

Ontology and Epistemology of Philosophers of Greece

Hossein Nattagh Najafi and Rustam Kamell Ouf

On the Interpretation of the Demonstrative Pronouns in the Opening Verses of Qur’anic Suras

Ja`far Nkoonam and Fatemeh (Fatima) Sarvi

Jurisprudence and Legal Principles and Codes of Confession and Testimony Disclamation in Criminal Matters

Fateme Mohammadi and Ebrahim Seddiqi

The Influence of GWTK Program Toward Cocoa Farmer’s Income in Namblong Districk Jayapura Papua


Study on the Impact of Life Skills Training on Mental Health, Social Adjustment and Achievement Motivation of Female High School Students in the City of Shiraz

Esmaeili Lida

New Priorities in the Educational System of Kazakhstan

Moldir Aldabergenova, Tursun Khazretali, Sandybaeva Akmara and Primkulova Gauhar

Legal Education in Malaysia: Should Law Teacher Practice as Lawyer?

Zainal Amin Ayub, Zuryati Mohamed Yusoff, Mohd Rejab Md Desa and Harlida Abdul Wahab

Demographic Development of Vietnam in the Context of the "Asian Vector" of Russia’s Foreign Policy

Sergey Ryazantsev and Elena Pismennaya

Womens Emigration from Russia Factors, Trends, Geography

Sergey Ryazantsev and Svetlana Sivoplyasova

Peculiarities of Ukrainian Migrant’s Adaptation in the Context of the Migration Policy of the Russian Federation

Sergey Ryazantsev, Elena Pismennaya, Vera Skorobogatova and Tamara Rostovskaya

Main Directions of Cooperation Development Between the European Union and Kazakhstan in the 2010s

Ardak Yesdauletova, Askhat Oralov, Aigerim Ospanova, Panu Kilybayeva and Ilyas Yesdauletov

Gratitude, Social Support and Academic Performance: Exploring the Relationships Between Indicators’ High School Students

Tahereh Mokhtari and Vali Mehdinezhad

Adding Bills in the Parliaments of Countries in the Asia-Pacific Region

Victor Afanasevich Shekhovtcov

Attitude to Health in Healthy and Chronically Ill Adolescents Attending Urban Schools

Larisa B. Dykhan, Natalia N. Malyarchuk, Svetlana N. Glazunova, Natalia V. Semyenova, Natalia V. Semyenova and Svetlana I. Khromina

Rethinking Transmedia Storytelling in Participatory Digital Media: What Makes PSY’s "Gangnam Style" So Successful?

Soochul Kim

Cultural Values of Traditional House of Keo Community in the Context of Rural Community Change in Flores, Indonesia

Klemens Mere and Bonaventura Ngarawula

The Case of Yambo Lake of San Pablo City, Nagcarlan and Rizal, Laguna, Philippines

Bing Baltazar C. Brillo

Examining the Influence of Capital Adequacy and Islamic Ratios on Islamic Bank Performance: Insights from Developing Countries

Sulaiman Abdullah Saif Alnasser Mohammed and Ebrahim Mohammed Al-matari

Styles and Patterns of Silver Works of Ywahtaung Village in Sagaing Division, the Republic of the Union of Myanmar

Sopa Nudang, Niyom Wongphongkham and Sastra Laoakka

Sinxay: The Application of Cultural Capital for Community Development of Thai and Lao in Globalization

Songwit Pimpakun, Niyom Wongphong Kham and Souneth Photisane

Culture-Based Contextual Social Studies Learning for Development of Social and Cultural Values of Junior High School Students

Didin Saripudin and Kokom Komalasari

Ijtihad in the Contemporary Fiqh of Medicine From Malaysian Experians

Basri Ibrahim, Rahimah Embong, Kamariah Yunus, Mohd Ali Mohd Yusuf, Fadzli Adam, Engku Muhammad Tajuddin Engku Ali and Ahmad Jazlan Mohd Jusuf

The Malay Perceptions on Organ Donation

Basri Ibrahim, Fadzli Adam, Rahimah Embong, Rohaizan Baru, Muhamad Zaid bin Ismail, Wan Saifuddin Wan Hasan and Mohd Safri bin Ali

The Effect on Land Used Changed on Ecosystem Services in the Lower Songkhram River Basin

Pathumthip Mankhoksoong and Buapun Promphakping

The Implementation of Public Policies in Increasing the Community Empowerment (Case Study of Corporate Social Responsibility Policy of PT. Semen Bosowa Maros)

Hafiz Elfiansyah Parawu, Rifdan and Hamsu A. Gani

Issues of Statutory Registration of Research Outcomes in the Education Sector of the Russian Federation

Alexandra I. Galkina, Elena Yu. Bobkova and Ekaterina A. Burnasheva (Soshnikova)

Relationship Between High School Principals’ Transformational Leadership and Psychological Empowerment

Fereshteh Ganjali and Vali Mehdinezhad

Women’s Leadership in School Administration: A Review Recasting the Literature

Yong- Lyun Kim

Functions of Traditional Ceremony in Large-Scale Fishing Communities in Takalar District, South Sulawesi Province, Indonesia

Ansar Arifin

Dilemmatic of Muhammadiyah Orphanage as Faith Based Organization in Malang, Indonesia

Fauzik Lendriyono and Soni A. Nulhaqim

A Qualitative Exploration of Oral Communication Apprehension among Libyan EFL Learners

Abdalnaser Alamaria, Abdul Rahim Salam and Tina Abdullah