The Social Sciences (2022 Volume 17)

  • Number of issues per year: 12
  • ISSN: 1818-5800 (Print)
  • ISSN: 1993-6125 (Online)
Archive (Volume 12 Issue 5, 2017)

Providing Islamic Learning Structure for the Muslim Net-Generation

Muhammad Shakirin Shaari and Zulikha Jamaludin

Preliminary Investigation on Multi-Modal Approach for Teaching Social Interaction Skills to Autistic Children

Maizam Alias, Rafizah Mohd Hanifa, Ida Aryanie Bahrudin, Miswan Surip, Zuraida Ibrahim, Rosfuzah Roslan and Aqilah Hidayah Azhar

Facilities Management in Malaysian Local Authorities: Identifying Current Issues

Norashikin Rahmat and Abdul Hadi Nawawi

Exploring the Influence of Governmental Policies on Hybrid Car Purchase Intention in Malaysia

Kooi Chung Leng, Thoo Ai Chin, Abu Bakar Bin Abdul Hamid and Tan Liat Choon

The Barriers to Sustainable Railway Infrastructure Projects in Malaysia

A. Amiril, A.H. Nawawi, R. Takim and S.N.F. Ab-Latif

Preliminary Study to Identify Challenges and Limitation Factors of Supply Chain Flexibility in Industrialised Building System (IBS)

U. Kassim, C.S. Abdullah and Z.M. Udin

Collaboration of Inter-Agency in Emergency Response Plan Through Flood Catastrophic Management System for East Coast Malaysia

A.M. Leman, K.A. Rahman, M.N.M. Salleh, Dafit Feriyanto and S.N.H. Muhammad

Integration of Environmental Sustainability Strategies Within Pre-Construction Processes

Mohammad Affendy Omardin, Wan Mohd Nazmi Wan Abdul Rahman and Wan Dagang Wan Ali

Moderating Effect of Trust Between Perceived Value and Customer Brand Engagement in SNSs

Ho Peng Han, Thoo Ai Chin, Abu Bakar Abdul Hamid and Huam Hon Tat

Revisit Supply Chain Management: Evolution, Definition and Benefits

Thoo Ai Chin, Huam Hon Tat, Zuraidah Sulaiman, Choi Sang Long and Wee Sin Yi

Assessments of Thermal Comfort and Indoor Air Quality in the Low-Income Dwellings

Y. Arsandrie, R.M.J. Bokel and S.R. Kurvers

Analyzing the Correlation between Mathematics Courses Offered for First Year Students

Nor Hizamiyani Abdul Azziz, Syafawati Ab Saad, Elyana Sakib and Alezar Mat Ya`acob

HR Practices and Employee’s Turnover Intention: A Proposed Framework

Choi Sang Long, Tan Owee Kowang and Thoo Ai Chin

Learning Outcomes in Vocational Study: A Development of Product Based Learning Model

Ganefri , Hendra Hidayat, Indrati Kusumaningrum, Mega Silfia Dewy and Sartika Anori

Industrialised Building System in Construction Projects: A Study on Readiness

Norhidayah Tamrin, Mohd Nasrun Mohd Nawi and Faizatul Akmar Abdul Nifa

Green Supply Chain Management Concepts and Natural Resource Based View

Wong Wui Kiet and Noriza Mohd. Jamal

Cognitive-Learning Styles Conceptual Framework in Vocational Education

Mimi Mohaffyza Mohamad, Yee Mei Heong and Tee Tze Kiong

Valuing Technology, Setting up Strategy: Real Option and SMEs

Farrah Merlinda Muharam, Maria Antonia Tarrazon and Zulkffli Mohamad Salleh

A Comparative Study of Religion’s Role in Evaluation of the Narrators in Terms of Rejal Science in Imami Shiah and Sunni Rejal Books

Mehdi Lotfi

Epistemological Shift of Islamic Art in Museums

Asghar Javani, Farzan Sojoodi and Maryam Dashtizadeh