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International Business Management (2019 Volume 13)

Number of issues per year: 6
ISSN : 1993-5250 (Print)
ARCHIVE>> Volume 9 Issue 5, 2015
Evidence on Real Exchange Rate-Inflation Causality: An Application of Toda-Yamamoto Dynamic Granger Causality Test
Mohammed Umar and Jauhari Dahalan
Fair Value Accounting after Times of Financial Crisis
Miroslav Skoda and Juraj Gabrhel
Innovation Manager and His Position in the Company
Kateoina Hrazdilova Boekova and Juraj Gabrhel
A Heideggerian Hermeneutic Phenomenological Research Study into Romanian Nurse Managers’ Occupational Stress in UAE
Camelia Akkela and Irina Leca
Income Convergence and FDI: Evidence from Lower-Middle Income West African Economies
Musa Murtala and Sallahuddin Hassan
Performance Appraisal System of the Academics of Public and Private Universities of Bangladesh: An Empirical Study
Mindia Piana Monsur and M.A. Akkas
An Examination on the Zombie Theory: An Agent-Based-Approach
Daiki Asanuma
License Revocation Causes and Consequences
Imran Rasimovich Bashirov
Banking Sector and Banking Capital in Russia During Crises: Experience of 2008 and 2014
Vladimir D. Bondarenko
Graphical Representation What Is Quality as the Basis of Formation of Culture Production or Services Provision
Ildus A. Chukmarov and Rafael M. Safuanov
Performance Evaluation of Lending Instruments Within the Interaction of Banking and Construction Economy Sectors
Aliya I. Karimullina and Venera I. Vagizova
The Model of Information Process of the Best Variant Choice
Alexey E. Fedoseev, Aexander N. Nemtsev, Vladimir A. Belenko, Alexander V. Mamatov and Tatiana A. Tsetsorina
Responsibility for Counterfeiting According to the Legislation of the Russian Federation
Julia I. Selivanovskaya and Mariya V. Talan
The Competence of General Meeting of Copartners of Proprietors of Habitation
Liliya Z. Gazizullina
Peculiarities of Building of the Risk Management System of an Industrial Enterprise
Svetlana S. Golubeva, Julia O. Glushkova, Alla V. Pakhomova, Lyudmila V. Slavnetskova and Ramila R. Bashirzade
Expert System for Risk Assessment of M&A-Projects
Mariia Karelina, Tatiana Ivanova and Violetta Trofimova
Local Population Preferences Toward Restoring Ecosystem Services of a Wetland in Thailand
Mayula Chaikumbung
Economic Growth, Defence Expenditure and Threats in Nigeria 1980-2013: Bound Co-Integration Analysis
Muhammed Aminu Umar and Abu Sufian Abu Bakar
Internet-Based Compulsory Information Disclosure by Listed Companies in Tehran Stock Exchange
Saeid Homayoun and Sakine Homayoun
Effect of Locus of Control and Need for Achievement Results of Learning Through Entrepreneurial Intentions (Case Study on Student Courses Management, Faculty of Economics University of Makasar)
Ilham Thaief and Musdalifah
Agency Theory and Corporate Governance
Saeid Homayoun and Sakine Homayoun
Market Orientation and Firm Performance: The Role of Organizational Culture and External Environment-A Proposed Model
Innocent Otache and Rosli Mahmood
The Effect of Applying Accounting Information Systems on the Improvement of Production Costs (An Applied Study on Jordanian Industrial Firms Listed in Amman Stock Exchange)
Muhannad Akram Moqbel, Ashraf Mohammad Al- Rjoub and Ziyad Mustafa M. AL- Shwiyat
The Development of Socially-Important Markets in Russia on the Basis of Public-Private Partnership Mechanisms and Cluster Approach
S. Shahovskaya Larisa, A. Morozova Irina, I. Guchina Yuliya and S. Peskova Olga
New Paradigm of Business to Meet the Socio-Economic Challenges of Developing Countries: A Lesson from Bangladesh
Syed Delowar Hossain and Syed Robayet Ferdous
The Essence and Factors Determining the Competitive Capacity of an Enterprise
Svetlana V. Khusainova and Olga N. Ustyuzhina
The Mathematical Apparatus of Compromise of Efficiency Estimation of Investment Projects
Aidar S. Puryaev
Conditions of Soviet Economy Development in the Middle of XX Century and Factors of its Crisis
Almaz R. Gapsalamov
“Digital Money in World Economy Exemplified by Crypto-Currency Bitcoin: Principle of Functioning and Economical Analysis of Exchange Rate’s Formation”
Elena Karasik and Anastasiya Kuzmina
Features of Emotional Sphere of Entrepreneurs in Trading Business
Aleksandra Yu. Mukharlyamova, Ksenia A. Holuyeva, Ljdokova G. Mikhaelovna and Ismailova N. Irkinovna
Financial Instruments of Infrastructure Projects Development
Ksenia L. Terentieva and Venera I. Vagizova
Monetary Policy Instruments of the Bank of Russia in the Interaction of Banking and Real Economy Sectors
Selivanova Kseniya Markovna and Ikhsanova Liliana Renatovna
New Requirements to the Control of the Maintenance of Accounting Records of the Company in the Conditions of the Economic Insecurity
Elvir M. Akhmetshin and Eduard A. Osadchy
Oil Industry Taxation: History, Perspectives, the Effectiveness for a Subsurface User
Aidar M. Tufetulov and Amur F. Yartiev
Public-Private Partnership as the Basis of Interaction Between the State and Business
Svetlana V. Khusainova, Fattakhova A. Ruslanovna and Khakimova S. Damirovna
Renovation of Capital Structures of Economic Entities under Conditions of Reindustrialisation of Russian Economy
Gulnaz Z. Akhmetova and Venera I. Vagizova
Analysis of the Reasons and Consequences of Economic Differentiation of Regions
Arsen A. Tatuev, Natalya N. Shash, Alim B. Nagoev, Elena V. Lyapuntsova and Violetta V. Rokotyanskaya
Evaluating the Effectiveness of Utilization of Mining Waste
Vladimir I. Golik, Alexander N. Doolin, Maria A. Komissarova and Roman A. Doolin
Expansion Introductions of Civil Examination: Technologies and Approaches
Inna Shapovalova, Larisa Shmigirilova, Victor Zakharov, Sergey Lebedev and Ivan Gulyaev
Tools for Effective Brand Formation a Factor of Socio-Economic Development of the Region (For Example, the Belgorod Region)
E.N. Kamyshanchenko, M.V. Selyukov, N.P. Shalygina and I.A. Shok
A Situational Model of Investment Portfolio
Valeriy V. Davnis, Manya A. Ziroyan, Marina V. Vladika, Elena N. Kamyshanchenko and Viktoriya I. Tinyakova
Aspects of Expense Formation for Analytical and Reporting Support of Management of Business Processes of the Organization
Ludmila V. Usatova, Irina A. Shok, Natalya A. Kalutskaya and Svetlana V. Kuligina
Evaluation of Integration Interaction Effectiveness for Innovation Process Subjects
Oksana Valerievna Vaganova, Tatyana Valerievna Balabanova, Marina Valentinovna Vladika and Svetlana Alekseevna Kucheryavenko
Function Representation of the Civil Society Institutions Within the Transforming Sustainability of the Regional Development
L.A. Tretyakova, T.V. Tselyutina, I.V. Trembach and I.V. Govorukha
Taking Account of Managerial Options Within the Frameworks of Taking Investment Decisions
Vladimir A. Kalugin, Elena A. Monakova, Olga S. Pogarskaya and Darya I. Korolkova
The Formation of Strategies for Effective Management of Business Environment of the Region
Oksana P. Ovchinnikova, Yevgenia V. Nikulina, Tatiana N. Dobrodomova, Julia V. Lyschikova and Anna V. Orlova
Directions of Increasing Business Results Through Complex Use of the Oil and Gas Potential
Kairbekova Madina
Goal Costing-Cost of Products (Works, Services) Calculation Methods Based on Systems Target Costing and Kaizen Costing in Sphere of Information Technologies
M.A. Gorodilov and O.A. Fetisova
The Evolution of Working Capital Management Research
Mohd Ridzuan Darun, Jamal Roudaki and Jack Radford
Search of Solutions with the Variable Strategy in Static Expert Systems
Maxim P. Denisov and Arnold M. Jurin
Supply Chain Management and Competitive Differentiation
Arawati Agus