International Business Management (2021 Volume 15)

  • Number of issues per year: 12
  • ISSN: 1993-5250 (Print)
  • ISSN: XXXX-XXXX (Online)
Archive (Volume 11 Issue 6, 2017)

The Influence of Cultural Capital and Social Capital in the Management Performance (Case Study in Brazil)

Flavio Calic and Mario Teixeira Reis Neto

The Internationalization Journey of a Multiplex Cinema Company under the Lens of Different Behavioral Theories

Arturo Daniel Tovar Alvarado, Adriana Victoria Garibaldi de Hilal and Ana Luiza

Determinants of Organisational Excellence of Malaysian Public Universities

Yeoh Khar Kheng and Andrew Chiang Tit Yean

Relationship Between Motivation and Satisfaction of Household Retail Stores in Co-operation with Covenience Store Chains: An Empirical Study in Vietnam

Le Quan and Luu Thi Minh Ngoc

Estimate of the Multiplier Effect of the Monetary and Fiscal Policy on Non-Oil Gross Domestic Product in the Iraqi Economy for the Period of 1990-2014

Basem Khamees Ubaid

The Influence of Intellectual Capital and Business Strategy Toward Innovation Capability and Firms Performance the Case of Small Management Enterprise Jombang Regency East Java Indonesia

Abdul Rohim, Ubud Salim, Made Sudarma and Sumiati

The Impact of Accounting Information System on Job Satisfaction in SMEs Industrial Firms: The Mediating Effect of Knowledge Management

Muhannad Akram Ahmad

The Influence of Organizational Communication Toward the Quality of Employee’s Service at Office of Gorontalo City

Zuchri Abdussamad

Consumption Values and Green Purchase Behaviour: An Empirical Study

Mohammad Solaiman, Mohd Suberi Ab Halim, Arman Hadi Abdul Manaf, Nor Azila Mohd Noor, Idris Mohd Noor and SM Sohel Rana

The Emergence of Innovation, Knowledge Sharing Behavior, Islamic Work Ethic and Entrepreneurial Orientation: A Conceptual Framework for the Public Sector

Muliati Usman and Norsiah Mat

Diagnosis of Perception Strategic Planning to Ensure Strategic Supremacy

Hasan Ali Al-Zu`bi

Strategic Planning to Control Halal Risk in Indonesian Beef Supply Chain

Ujang Maman, Akhmad Mahbubi and Ferry Jie

Intra-Generational Differences in the Personality Traits of Millennial Leaders in Indian IT Sector

N. Bargavi, Anand A. Samuel and P. James Daniel Paul

The Mediating Role of Quality Decision Process and the Moderating Role of Board Professional Knowledge and Experience on the Relationship between Board Mechanisms and Performance of Listed Firms in Nigeria

Mohammed Nuhu and Sa`ari Bin Ahmad

The Diffusion and Adoption of Bitcoin: A Practical Survey for Business

Jacob Wood, Haejin Jang, Artem Lenskiy and Gohar Feroz Khan

The Impact of Financial Liberalization on Economic Growth: The Indirect Link

Chadi Azmeh, Hazem Al Samman and Sulaiman Mouselli

The Relationship Between Tax Avoidance and the Corporate Transparency in the Institutional Environment and Accounting Information: The Case of Korea

Ju Young Park, Gi Ho Choi and Sung Man Yoon

The Effect of Management of Founder, Sibling Partnership and Cousin Consortium on Profitability and Leverage

Arif Singapurwoko

Perspectives on Accounting Information Use: A Multiple Case Study

Maria do Ceu Gaspar Alves

ASEAN Consumer Contract Laws: Consumer Remedies in Malaysia and Singapore

Ong Tze Chin and Sakina Shaik Ahmad Yusoff

Community Wellbeing Indicator: A Study on a Possibility to Utilize in the Northeastern Part of Thailand

Pattaraporn Weeranakin and Buapun Promphakping

Sustainable Property Application from Various Perspectives

Hilma Tamiami Fachrudin and Khaira Amalia Fachrudin

Comparative Analysis of Variables Affecting Preferences of Potential Investors for Real Estate or Stocks

A.K. Nasruddin, A.I. Gau and P. Hsu

Toward Halal Cosmetics Brand Image: Mediating Role of Religiosity Evidence from Muslim Women in Medan, Indonesia

Muhammad Dharma Tuah Putra Nasution, Yossie Rossanty and Henry Aspan

Telecommunication Sector of Saudi Arabia: Internal and External Analysis

Anis Ali and Mohammad Imdadul Haque

Factors Influencing Perceived Attractiveness of the Ecotourism City

Ronny H. Walean and Deske W. Mandagi

Risk of Irregularity Reflection on the Profitability of Equity Investment: An Empirical Study in the Iraqi Stock Exchange

Mokhalad Hamzah Jaddoa, Manal Hameed Majeed and Hakeem Hammood Flayyih

Correlation and Impact of Sector Specific Index on Stock Market Index the Case of Amman Stock Exchange 2004-2015

Thair A. Kaddumi

The Relationship Between Religiosity, Mental Health and Self-Esteem in Muslim Students at the University of Brunei Darussalam

Aziyah Haji Yaakub

The Role of Leisure as a Mechanism for Coping with Stress in Masters-Level Degree Graduate Students at the University of Brunei Darussalam

Liyana Muslim

Service Industry in the Modern Model of Market Infrastructure Performance: Development Principles, Factors and Issues

Elena I. Makrinova, Viktoriya V. Lysenko, Natalia L. Avilova, Gennady N. Strukov, Victoria V. Grigoryeva and Alexander A. Smirnykh

Time Management as a Tool of Administrative Reform at Prince Sattam bin Abdul-Aziz University Al Kharj Colleges an Empirical Study

Fakhreldin Musa Mohamed