International Business Management (2021 Volume 15)

  • Number of issues per year: 12
  • ISSN: 1993-5250 (Print)
  • ISSN: XXXX-XXXX (Online)
Archive (Volume 11 Issue 12, 2017)

Contribution of the Force Labour, Education Level, Human Capital and Investment on Economic Growth in District of Badung

Putu Ngurah Suyatna Yasa, Sri Ariyani and I. Ketut Rahyuda

Analysis of Price Formation of Onion and Garlic Commodities: A Framework of Supply Chain Management

M. Wahyudin, Anton Agus Setyawan, Muzakar Isa, M. Farid Wajdi and Syamsudin

E-Banking Adoption in the E-Service Era

Edy Purwo Saputro, Tulus Haryono, Budhi Haryanto and Hunik Sri Runing Sawitri

Evaluation of Export Development Strategies in Leather Industry

Mirza Hassan Hosseini and Saeideh Syadat

Consumer Decision Making Process on Electronics Products in the College and Senior High School Students in Indonesia

Elimawaty Rombe

Factors Influencing Purchasing Decisions of Toys for Preschool Children in the Countryside of Thailand

Kanokkan Vichasilp

The Influence of Internal and External Factors Against Interest and Motivation in Entrepreneurship Decision Making: Study on the Retired Civil Servant Client Pt. Bank Savings of Retirees Nationwide, Tbk., Makassar Branch

Ronny Wiradirnata, Syamsul Ridjal and Agung Widhi Kurniawan

Detection Risk and Penalty Magnitude and Zakah on Business Compliance Behavior: A Conceptual Model

Mushari Hamdan Alosaimi, Zainol Bidin and Chek Derashid

The Impact of Human Resource Practices, Social Support and Personality Traits on Affective Organizational Commitment

Sultan Saqar Oqaidan Alwahaibi

Determinants of Internal Debt: Evidence from Jordan

Husni A. Khrawish, Wasfi A. Al Salamat and Abla Al Tahtamoni

The Interregional Partnership Model as an Attempt to Improve the Prosperity of Civil Society in East Java, Indonesia


Effective Leadership and its Promotion: A Case Study on Indian Business Leader

Virat Chirania, Sunil Kumar Dhal and Subash Nath

Loan Access and Food Production among Esan Rural Women Farmers

M.I. Ozoya, P.A. Edewor, T.C. Iruonagbe, I.A. Chiazor and T.O. George

Supply Chain Integration and Flexibility as a Competitive Advantage in the Southeast Sulawesi Fishery Sector

La Hatani

Organizational Development of District in Developing and Supervising Village Governance In Ende Regency East Nusa Tenggara Province

Fernandes Simangunsong and Pascalis Baylon So

Enhancing Learning Through the Use of Digital Libraries in Developing Countries Universities

Billy Mathias Kalema and Refilwe Constance Mogase

Functioning of the Agro-Industrial Cluster in Terms of Development of Innovative-Investment Activity

Kundius Valentina Aleksandrovna, Kovaleva Irina Valerievna, Semina Larisa Anatolyevna, Voronkova Olga Yuryevna, Sannikova Inna Nikolaevna and Bobrovska Tatyana Valentinovna

Quality Determines Performance: Evidence from International Audit Firms in Taiwan

Yi-Fang Yang, Lee-Wen Yang, Yahn-Shir Chen and Li-Chun Huang

Impact of Education, Training, Motivator Factors and Hygiene Factors on the Performance of Agricultural Extension

Siti Rochaeni, Iskandar Andi Nuhung and Yon Giri Mulyono

Customer Satisfaction and Repurchase Intention in Online Social Network (OSN) Shopping Experience

Fadilah Siali, Mahani Mohammad Abdu Shakur and Shahid Rasool

Development Strategy for SMES in Madura Island based on Environmental Analysis

Mohammad Arief

The Impact of IFRS Adoption, Quality of Accounting Information and Information Asymmetry on Cost of Equity (Analysis in Indonesia Stock Exchange as Emerging Market)

Meily Surianti and Winwin Yadiati

The Determinants of Chemical Company’s Growth Registered in Indonesia Stock Exchange

Musolih and Augustina Kurniasih

Selected Strategies on Ways of Improving the Teaching of Social Studies in Upper Basic Schools in Ebonyi State, Nigeria

Igba Daniel Igba and Simon C. Nnamani

The Impact of Project Manager’s Knowledge, Skills and Experience on Project’s Time, Cost and Quality Umniah Telecommunication Company-Jordan Telecommunication Sector

Hanandeh Ahmad

A Framework for Building a Taxonomy of Entrepreneurial Ventures in the Limpopo Province of South Africa

Wellington Chakuzira, Armstrong Kadyamatimba and Richard Shambare

The Effects of Leadership Style, Organizational Culture and Career Development on Job Satisfaction

Ignatius Jeffrey and Mega Sari

A Review of Mobile Commerce Applications for Small Medium Enterprises in South Africa

Wellington Chakuzira, Armstrong Kadyamatimba and Richard Shambare

Towards a Full Accrual Accounting in the Public Sector: A Critical Analysis of IPSAS 12

Marco Sorrentino

Phenomenon of Accounting Practice: The Case of Legislative Elections in Indonesia

Henry W. Darmoko and Abdul Rohman

Supply Chain Management Practices in the Petroleum Industry of Zimbabwe

Happyson Bimha, Muhammad Hoque and Elias Munapo

Micro-Finance and Women Empowerment in Niger State, Nigeria

Hauwa Daniyan-Bagudu, Shazida Jan Mohd Khan and Abdul-Hakim Roslan

Correlates of Turnover Intentions in Malaysian SMEs

Sheikh Muhamad Hizam Sheikh Khairuddin, Lokman Salim, Zulkifli Saidun and Muhamad Shahrin Hashim