Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences (2020 Volume 15)

  • Number of issues per year: 24
  • ISSN: 1816-949x (Print)
  • ISSN: 1818-7803 (Online)

Current Issue

Optimal Network Reconfiguration via. Improved Whale Optimization Algorithm

S.M. Abd Elazim and E.S. Ali

Development of Wireless Charger using Dynamo and Transformer Principles

Abdellah Mrij, Abdelmajid El Bakkali and Jaouad Foshi

Characteristic Properties of CEB Made of Gypsum Soil

Osamah I. Mahmood, Ali A. Habeeb and Humam T. Al-Jumaili1

CFD Simulation of Two -Phase Severe Slugging Circulating Through a Pipeline-Riser System

I. Belgacem, R. Mekhlouf, N. Aloui1, N. Djaballah and S. Benmamar

Effect of Leadership and Application of Accounting Information Systems on the Quality of Financial Reporting (Surveys at the Data Processing Center and Tax Receipts Center of the Directorate General of Tax, Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia)

Endraria and Lutfi Kusuma Prayoga

The Role of Work Motivation as a Mediator on the Influence of Education-Training and Leadership Style on Employee Performance in Ministry of Education at Timor-Leste

Luisinha Fonseca Da Costa Guterres, Armanu and Rofiaty

Factor Affecting Job Performance: A Literature Review

Ahmed Mohammed Saleh Ba Wazir, Qais Ahmed Almaamari and Sara Ravan Ramzani

Review and Results of Studies of the Harmonic Structure of the Current of Lighting and Household Electricity Consuming Devices and Their Negative Impact on the Distribution Networks of Electric Power Systems

S.S. Kostinsky, V.A. Mokhov, D.V. Shaykhutdinov, E.V. Kirievskiy, A.S. Vlasov and A.M. Lankin

Ontological Model of Intelligent Modeling Tools and Synthesis of Trajectories of Technological Processes in Electric Power Networks

V.A. Mokhov, D.V. Shaykhutdinov, Yu. M. Manatskov, R.G. Oganyan and T.N. Kruglova

The Impact of Six Sigma Adoption on Performance of Jordanian’s Pharmaceutical Firms

Mohammad Salameh Almasarweh

Optimization of a Low-Cost Shredder for Handling of PCB Wastes in a Community Scale

Radon Dhelika, Ahmad Rio Adriansyah, Sirojul Munir, Daniel Meino Soedira1, Romadhani Ardi and Sri Harjanto

Human Eye Response to Pupil Size Variation Programmatically

Zaher Atta Naeem

Machine Learning based IDS for Software Defined Networking

Oqbah Ghassan Abbas, Khaldoun Khorzom and Mohammed Assora

Distribution Mapping of Useful Plant Species and their Utilization in the Aspect of Traditional Food Material by the Community of Tenganan Pegringsingan, Karangasem, Bali

Nyoman Wijana, Gede Astra Wesnawa and I. Gusti Agung Nyoman Setiawan

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