Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances

Year: 2011
Volume: 10
Issue: 1
Page No. 106 - 110

Prevalence of netB Gene among Clostridium perfringens Isolates Obtained from Healthy and Diseased Chickens

Authors : A. Tolooe, B. Shojadoost, S.M. Peighambari and Y. Tamaddon


Abildgaard, L., T.E. Sondergaard, R.M. Engberg, A. Schramm and O. Hojberg, 2010. In vitro production of necrotic enteritis toxin B, NetB, by netB-positive and netB-negative Clostridium perfringens originating from healthy and diseased broiler chickens. Vet. Microbiol., 144: 231-235.
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