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Agricultural Journal
Year: 2007 | Volume: 2 | Issue: 4 | Page No.: 499-502
Economics of Cut Flower Production in Greenhouses: Case Study from Turkey
Berna Kendirli and Belgin Cakmak
Abstract: Turkey`s cut flower sector is an agricultural production area with a high export potential despite its problems related with production and marketing. Enterprises in this sector may be classified in two groups as enterprises with export towarded production (big-modern enterprises) and with domestic market towarded production (small-family enterprises) according to their structural and economical properties. This study aimed to determine investment and operation-maintenance expenses of 4 different greenhouse enterprises selected from the above-mentioned groups and economical investigation of rose and carnation production of these enterprises. Results of the study indicated that the expenses of big-modern type enterprises with plastic greenhouses decreased 11.36 m 2 than the other big-modern type. The biggest investment expenses were observed in the enterprises using geothermal heating; when the incomes of these enterprises were investigated in general rose production along with plastic greenhouses were found to be more profitable. Small-family type enterprises were found to be less profitable due to their low investments. In conclusion size of the enterprise, level of the utilized production technology along with the type of cut flower produced are factors affecting the investments profitability in enterprises producing cut flowers.
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Berna Kendirli and Belgin Cakmak , 2007. Economics of Cut Flower Production in Greenhouses: Case Study from Turkey . Agricultural Journal, 2: 499-502.