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International Journal of Tropical Medicine
Year: 2010 | Volume: 5 | Issue: 2 | Page No.: 16-19
DOI: 10.3923/ijtmed.2010.16.19  
Asthenopia and Use of Glasses among Visual Display Terminal (VDT) Users
Omolabake T. Edema and Veronica V.N. Akwukwuma
Abstract: This study was designed to determine the prevalence of various asthenopic symptoms among VDT researchers who wear glasses for correction of refractive errors in University of Benin community. About 136 regular computer users in cyber cafes in University of Benin and environs filled questionnaires which were designed specifically to determine the ocular, visual and related non visual symptoms found with prolonged use of computers. Of this 32 people who routinely wear glasses for various refractive errors had their questionnaires analyzed to see the prevalence of asthenopia among them. Most glasses wearers 22 (68.8%) were aged 18-34 years. About 15 of them (46.9%) were males while 17 (53.1%) were females. Comparing this sex prevalence with the general population (of 136 VDT users); 15 out of 97 males (15.5%) and 17 out 39 females (43.6%) wore glasses. About 20 (62.6%) had not had a refraction in the last 2-3 years. Blurring of distant vision was a major complaint in 19 (59.4%) subjects, 16 (50.0%) had blurred vision when using the VDT. Eye strain occurred in 18 (56.3%); p = 0.0002, while headache was found in 20 (62.5%); p = 0.0541. Other ocular complaints were ocular fatigue (62.5%); p = 0.0047, watering of eyes (56.8%); p = 0.0007, red eyes (40.6%); p = 0.1503, itching (59.4%); p<0.0001, burning (28.1%); p = 0.0526 and double vision (31.3%); p<0.0001 when these were contrasted with 104 controls who did not use glasses. Adequate correction of refractive errors and improvement in the research station environment of visual display terminal users are likely to reduce ocular symptoms and related discomfort in VDT users.
How to cite this article:
Omolabake T. Edema and Veronica V.N. Akwukwuma, 2010. Asthenopia and Use of Glasses among Visual Display Terminal (VDT) Users. International Journal of Tropical Medicine, 5: 16-19.
DOI: 10.3923/ijtmed.2010.16.19