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Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Year: 2008 | Volume: 3 | Issue: 7 | Page No.: 574-582
Educational Websites Usability Evaluation
D.E. Asuquo , E.E. Williams , B.A. Oluwade and P.C. Bassey
Abstract: The recent worldwide growth in the number and size of educational and other web applications has made website usability evaluation and in fact, web quality assurance topical issues in human-computer interaction. This resaerch adopts a user-centered approach to evaluate the usability of two Federal Nigerian Universitiesí websites ( and in the oil rich Niger Delta of the country by applying the user testing technique and using performance measurement as metric. Data collected from the tasks completion time were statistically analyzed for usability criteria of effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction. Results indicated that was significantly more effective and efficient, while received more satisfaction in terms of user interface design. Feedbacks obtained from users through questionnaires enhanced the design-evaluate-redesign cycle and were included in the recommendations to the universitiesí web developers to help amend poorly developed interfaces and contents.
How to cite this article:
D.E. Asuquo , E.E. Williams , B.A. Oluwade and P.C. Bassey , 2008. Educational Websites Usability Evaluation. Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences, 3: 574-582.