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Research Journal of Medical Sciences (2017 Volume 11)

Number of issues per year: 6
ISSN : 1815-9346 (Print)
ISSN : 1993-6095 (Online)
ARCHIVE>> Volume 6 Issue 4, 2012
Determinants of Rehabilitation Services Staffs’ Job Satisfaction (By Effort Reward Imbalance) and Variations in Teaching, Profit Making and Non Profit Hospitals
I. Devreux, A. Jacquerye , F. Kittel, K. Mamdouh and B. Al-Awa
Facial Anatomy and Mapping Across Races
C. Stavrianos, C. Papadopoulos, O. Pantelidou, J. Emmanouil and N. Petalotis
The Issue of Face Recognition
C. Stavrianos, C. Papadopoulos, O. Pantelidou, J. Emmanouil and N. Petalotis
The Use of Photoanthropometry in Facial Mapping
C. Stavrianos, C. Papadopoulos, O. Pantelidou, J. Emmanouil, N. Petalotis and D. Tatsis
Is Rotavirus Infection Still Responsible for Acute Gastroenteritis and Severe Diarrhea among Children in Holy Makkah?
Ahmad Mohammad Ashshi
Nutrition Habits and Blood Test Results of Preeclamptic and Healthy Pregnant Women
Sema Gulsen and Ahmet Guner
Minimising the Risk of Unwanted Pregnancies among Female University Undergraduates in Lagos, Nigeria: The Quantum of Knowledge and use of Long Acting Reversible Contraceptives
Fabamwo Adetokunbo Olusegun, Wright Kikelomo Ololade and Akinola Oluwarotimi Ireti
Nutritional Assessment of School-Age Children Attending Conventional Primary and Integrated Qur’anic Schools in Kaduna
Aliyu Hassan, O.O. Onabanjo and C.R.B. Oguntona
Infective Endocarditis and Antibiotic Prophylaxis: A Systematic Review of Efficacy and Safety of the AHA Guidelines
Michael W. Tempelhof and Gordon Reeves
Studies on Colorectal Cancer in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: A Portrait Through Pre and Post-Millennium
Abdurrahman Al Diab, S. Qureshi, Khalid A. Al Saleh, Farjah H. Al Qahtani, Aamer Aleem, Mohammad Farhan Qureshi, Viquar Fatima Qureshi and Mohammad Rehan Qureshi
Factors Associated with Multidrug-Resistant Tuberculosis Patients in the Upper Northeast Thailand
K. Trinnawoottipong, P. Suggaravetsiri, N. Tesana and S. Chaiklieng
The Associated Factors with Unsuccessful Tuberculosis Treatment Outcomes among TB/HIV Co-Infected Patients in Surin Province, Thailand
N. Pimchan, P. Suggaravetsiri, N. Tesana and S. Chaiklieng
Comparison of Mothers and Nurses Opinions on Quality of Nursing Care Provided to Parents with Hospitalized Premature Newborn in NICU
Masumeh Akbarbegloo, Leila Valizadeh and Vahid Zamanzadeh
The Assessment of View Toward Sexually Transmitted Diseases among Midwives in Kashan 2010
Z. Karimian, M. Kafaee and F. Abbaszadeh