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Asian Journal of Information Technology (2014 Volume 13)

Number of issues per year: 12
ISSN : 1682-3915 (Print)
ISSN : 1993-5994 (Online)
Functioning Aspects of Secure Network and Design of Log Analyser
S. Manikandan, R. Prabhu , D. Sureshbabu and P. Vijayanand
Game Theoretic Analysis of Cooperation Relay Nodes in Cognitive Radio Ad Hoc Networks
A. Babiyola and V. Cyril Raj
Impact of Information and Communication Technology: Identity Construction on Facebook in a Postmodern Society
Prema P. Nair and I. Arul Aram
A New Automated CAD System for Classification of Malignant and Benign Lesions
Norhene Gargouri Ben Ayed, Alima Damak Masmoudi and Dorra Sellami Masmoudi
Real Time Simulation of Routing Virtualization over a Test bed designed for the Various IPv4-IPv6 Transition Techniques
Sheryl Radley and Shalini Punithavathani
A Survey on Data Encryption Tecniques in Cloud Computing
S. Balasubramaniam and V. Kavitha
Multi-Secret Semantic Visual Cryptographic Protocol (MSVCP) for Securing Image Communications
A. John Blesswin and P. Visalakshi
EC-B2B Systems Boosts the Enterprise Performance
Anas A. Al- Bakri
A Preemptive Link State Spanning Tree Source Routing Scheme for Opportunistic Data Forwarding in MANET
R. Poonkuzhali, M.Y. Sanavullah and A. Sabari
Improving the Accuracy of the Supervised Learners using Unsupervised based Variable Selection
Danasingh Asir Antony Gnana Singh, Subramanian Appavu Alias Balamurugan and Epiphany Jebamalar Leavline
New Approach to Trust Evaluation for Cluster Based MANETS
Rajkumar Mylsamy and Subramanian Sankaranarayanan
Enhancement in Accuracy Metrics of Energy Levels in MANETS
M. Sakthivel and V. Palanisamy
Multiple Attributes Based Secured Sharing of Personal Health Records in Cloud Computing Using Blowfish Algorithm
S. Rinesh and K. Baskaran
Comparison of Ant Colony Optimization and Particle Swarm Optimization in Grid Scheduling
B. Booba and T.V. Gopal
Simulation of Queuing Model for Electronic Toll Collection Smart Card Systems
V. Sathya and J. Abdul Samath
Adaptive Threshold Probabilistic Counter Based Broadcast Scheme for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks in Route Discovery
B. Sundaravadivazhagan and P. Jaganathan