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Asian Journal of Information Technology (2016 Volume 15)

Number of issues per year: 12
ISSN : 1682-3915 (Print)
ISSN : 1993-5994 (Online)
Enhancing Quality of Service (QoS) For Ipv6 Video Streamin
Rana Jabbar Abd Ali, Rosilah Hassan, Karam Dhafer Mayoof and Rana Abdul Karim Merza
Proposed Features of Online Examination Interface Design
Nader Abdel Karim, Zarina Shukur and Mohammad Ghazal
Quick Response Multimodal Learning System with Raspberry Pi
Soon Nyean Cheong, Ian Chai and Rajasvaran Logeswaran
Paraphrasing: Solutionto The Problem of Plagiarism
Ahmed Mohammed Hussein
Proposed Treating and Nursing System for the Refugees and Displaced People using Mobile Phone
Tawfiq A. AL- Assadi, Amean A. Yasir and Mohammad J. K. Abood
A Modified Virtual Approach to Deploy Border Line Sensors
Saad Talib Hasson and Abdul Nasir Reyadh
Object-Based Image Retrieval Using Enhanced SURF
Tawfiq A. Al- asadi and Ahmed J. Obaid
Proposing of Intelligent Movie Editor
IsraaHadi Ali and Roa`a M. Al_ Airaji
Dynamic Steganography of Internet Web Pages
Rusul Amer and Wesam Bhaya
Classification of Motions Types by Rough Set Theory in Video Tracking Applications
Israa Hadi Ali and Adil Abbas Majeed
Distributed Transformer’s Health Monitoring Based on Internet of Thing and Publish/subscribe Messaging Paradigm
Alaa Imran Al- Muttairi
A Web-Based System to Enhance Students’ Abilities in English Education
Kother Safaa Hadi and Mahdi Nsaif Jasim
Preventing Cross Site Scripting Attacks in Websites
Mehdi Ebady Manaa and Rasha Hussein
The Impacts of Technology and Develop Customers’ Experiences on Customer Participation
Fakhraddin Maroofi, Seyyed Arman Rastad and Behrouz Moradi
Delay Sensitive and Interference Aware MAC Protocol for WSN
G. Srinivasan and S. Murugappan
Two Layer Machine Learning Approach for Mining Referential Entities for a Morphologically Rich Language
Vijay Sundar Ram and Sobha Lalitha Devi
Extended Support with Level Based Hierarchical Management Model for WSN: Survey and Conceptual View
Nilayam Kumar Kamila, Sunil Dhal and Bhagirathi Nayak
A Strategic Aproach with Automated Safe Composable Model Testing Using Petrinets for Safety Critical System
Smitha and Sankar Ram
Markov-Ttrivial Similarity Tree-Based Ontology Model for Geospatial Information Retrieval Systems
K.S. Kannan and R. Saravanan
Optimal Location of TCSC and SVC using Hybrid Fruit Fly Firefly Optimization Algorithm in Transmission System
Naraina Avudayyappan and S.N. Deepa
Impact of Mobility Models in Clustered Dynamic Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
T. Parameswaran and C. Palanisamy
Classification of Multi Class Brain Tumor in Magnetic Resonance Images Using Hybrid Struture Descriptor
A. Prabin and J. Veerappan
Hierarchical Sampling Techniques for Imbalanced Datasets
S. Lavanya and S. Palaniswami
Aquascopev 1: A Water Quality Analysis Software for Computing Water Data Using Aquascope Quality Indexing (AQI) Scheme
N.R. Wilfred Blessing and Shajulin Benedict
Web Mining for Potentially Value Added Services
M. Akila Rani and D. Shanthi
A Novel Simple Thresholding for Uneven Illuminated Document Images Captured via Handheld Devices
Musab Kasim Alqudah, Mohammad Nasrudin, Bilal Bataineh and Khairuddin Omar
Proxy Server for Secure Document Retrieval in Cloud Computing
R. Kalaiselvi, K. Kousalya and S. Chandramathi
Graphical RepreSentation of Handwritten Mathematical Expression Recognized from Offline Video Lectures
R. Suganya, Dhanya and M. Dhanalakshmy
An Efficient 1-Bit Full Subtractor Circuit Using Hybrid CMOS Logic
O. Vignesh and H. Mangalam
Power Optimized Vedic Parallel MAC Unit: GDI Technique
E. Prabhu and H. Mangalam
The Effect of Clarity of Business Vision and Top Management Support on the Quality of Business Intelligence Systems: Evidence from Indonesia
Sri Mulyani, Jufri Darma and Citra Sukmadilaga
Process Size Based Dynamic Scheduling for Resource Optimization in Cloud Environment
V.G. Ravindhren and S. Ravimaran
SODO: Surrogate Object Model for Dynamic Offloading in Mobile Cloud
A.N. Gnana Jeevan and M.A. Maluk Mohamed
Ant Colony Based Mobile Sink Routing Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Network
N. Fami- Tefreshi and M. Davoudi- Monfared
Burr Type X Software Reliability Growth Model
Gutta Sridevi
Factor Motivating Privacy Protection Behaviour Strategies and Information Privacy Concern in Social Networking Sites
Nur Fadzilah Othman, Rabiah Ahmad and Muliati Sedek
A Study on Non Java Options for Mapreduce Programming with Hadoop
C. Ranichandra and B.K. Tripathy
Critical Success Factors for Cloud BI Implementation within a Banking Organisation
Hafeez Niazi
Prediction of Imbalanced Data Using Cluster Based Approach
B.V. Sumana and T. Santhanam
Strategy, Action Plan and Approaches for Business Intelligence in Banking and Mining
Hafeez Niazi
MAC Protocol with Adaptive Power Management in Multi-Channel Multi-Radio Wireless Networks
Roba Mahmoud Ali Aloglah, Haythem A. Bany Salameh and Mohammad Ali Mohammad Al- Khatatbeh
Big Data Challenges and Trends
Hafeez Niazi
Implementing Built-In Test in Analog and Mixed-Signal Embedded-Core-Based System-On-Chips
Jamil Al Azzeh, Daniel Monday Afodigbokwu, Denis Olegovich Bobyntsev and Igor Valerievich Zotov
An Empirical Study on the Success Factors to Consider in Developing e-Learning Systems: A Learner-Oriented System
Joshua Ebere Chukwuere, Nehemiah Mavetera and Ernest Mnkandla
Securing Provenance for Efficient Maintenance and Lineage Tracking of Data in Cloud Environment: A Literature Survey
Divya Vadlamudi and K. Thirupathi Rao
Efficient FPGA Architecture for RLS Algorithm Based Adaptive Beam Forming for Smart Antenna System
C. Thiripurasundari and V. Sumathy
Tbann: Tree Bagger Algorithm with Neural Network-Based Hyperspectral Images Classification
Devabalan and R. Saravanan