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Asian Journal of Information Technology (2016 Volume 15)

Number of issues per year: 12
ISSN : 1682-3915 (Print)
ISSN : 1993-5994 (Online)
The Assesment of the Contribution of Primary Mortage Institutions to Housing Finance in Nigeria: A Case Study of Union Homes Savings and Loans PLC
Akinjare Victoria, K.A. Adetiloye, Isibor Areghan Akhanolu and Okafor Tochukwu
Deregulation of Foreign Exchange Market and its Effect on Industrial Produce in Nigeria
Ikpefan Ochei Ailemen, Isibor Areghan Akhanolu and Okafor Tochukwu Chibuzor
Feed Forward Back Propagation Artificial Neural Network Based Faulty Switch Identification of the Three Phase Three Level Converter Based Drive for the Three Phase Induction Motor
A Dynamic Virtual Machine Security Scheme Against Co-Resident Attack in Cloud Computing
K.G. Maheswari and R. Anita
Adaptive Burst Assembly Algorithm for Reducing Burst Loss and Delay in OBS Networks
Bharathi Lakshmanan, Sasikala Ramasamy and Srinivasan Alavandar
DPHTT: A Novel Technique for Automatic Test Case Selection Designed for Regression Testing
G. Parkavi and D. Jeya Mala
Sort Completion Time Mean Tasks Scheduling Algorithm in Decentralized Grid Environment
G.K. Kamalam
Two-Modal Biometrics Based Content-Based Image Retrieval Approach (TMB-CBIR) for Biometric Authentication
D. Binu and P. Malathi
Scheduled Progressive Edge Growth LDPC Encoder with Minimum Trapping Set
A. Anand and P. Senthilkumar
Severity Analysis of Cervical Cancer in PAP Smear Images Using Textures Features and Hybrid RBF Kernel Based SVM
G. Hariharan, A. Jayachandran, G. Jiji, M. Rajaram and T. Ajith Bosco Raj
Context Aware Offloading Decision and Partitioning in Mobile Cloud Computing
N.M. Dhanya and G. Kousalya
A FPGA Based Multi Motor Variable Speed Drive
S. Rajasekaran and V. Gopalakrishnan
Modified Potential Function for Obstacle Avoidance in an Unknown Environment
A. Jasmine Xavier and R. Shantha Selvakumari
Fovea Detection and Disease Identification Using Integreated GF-SVM Method
T. Vandarkuzhali and C.S. Ravichandran
An Efficient Algorithm for Job Scheduling Problem-Enhanced Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm
V. Santhi and S. Nandhini
A New Hybrid Algorithm for Finding Automatic Clustering in Unlabeled Datasets
Komarasamy Ganeshan and Amitabh Wahi
Creation of Software Testing Environment in Cloud Platform
J. Frank Vijay and B. Hariharan
Optimization Methods for Data Storage Position in Wireless Sensor Networks: A Survey
P. Nitha, P.S. Periasamy and Mohanosundaram