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Asian Journal of Information Technology (2016 Volume 15)

Number of issues per year: 12
ISSN : 1682-3915 (Print)
ISSN : 1993-5994 (Online)
A New Recommender System Based in Collaborative Filtering Based on Personal and Group Trust for Offering Significant Suggestions to the Users
Afsaneh Khosravani and Hassan Shojaee- Mend
Optimization of Virtual Machine Placement
A.R. Ragavi Priyadharshini, K. Koushika and P. Prakash
Effect of Interactive Computer Simulation Package on Senior Secondary School Students Achievement and Retention in Genetic Concepts
Uche D. Asogwa, Abdullahi Muhammed, E.N. Asogwa and T.O Ofoegbu
Jammer Localizatoin in Wireless Sensor Network Using Percolation and Poisson Process
A. Mummoorthy and S. Suresh Kumar
Modified Approach of Support Vector Machine for Classification of AVHRR Image Data
G. Devika and S. Partha Sarathy
A Novel Method for the Identification of Child Blood Cancer Using Data Mining Techniques
M. Sangeetha, N. K. Karthikeyan and P. Tamijeselvy
Survey Paper on Types of Cancer and Prevention Steps
M. Sangeetha, N. K. Karthikeyan and P. Tamijeselvy
Comparative Analysis of Low Power Full Adders and 4x4 Vedic Multipliers
Naveen Raman
Experimental Investigation for Text Categorization Based on Hybrid Approach Using Feature Selection and Classification Techniques
K. Sridharan and M. Chitra
Intelligent Techniques for Location Based Services Using Medical Information Retrieval in Cloud Database
K. Mohanram and TT. Mirnalinee
An Efficient 2D DWT-A Distributed Arithmetic with Rapid Arithmetic Coder for Medical Image Compression
C. Thirumarai Selvi and R. Sudhakar
Delay Aware Opportunistic Transmission Scheduling Technique for Efficient Channel Utilization in under Water Sensor Networks
P. Sudhakar and M. Sharmila
Dynamic VM Allocation Using Adaptive Map Reduce Algorithm in Cloud Computing
N. Senthamarai and M. Vijayalakshmi
An Innovative Optimization Technique for Drowsiness Detection Based on Feature Extraction Capitalizing Neural Network and Sparse Classifiers
Reena Daphne and A. Albert Raj
An Efficient Selfish Node Detection and Data Replication Technique for Distributed Database in MANET
M. Kavitha and S. Karthik
IXLDA: Integrated Cross-Layer Design Approach for Performance Optimization in MANET
P. Thangavel and T. Ravichandran
Urgency Aware Packet Scheduling in AODV (UaPS-AODV) Protocol for Enhanced QoS under Delay Sensitive Applications in Manet
S. Mohanasundaram and T. Ravichandran
Privacy-Preserving Data Transmission Using Geometric Data Perturbation in Wireless Sensor Networks
K. Sreekumar and E. Baburaj
Securing Cloud-Based Healthcare Information Systems Using Enhanced Password-Based Authentication Scheme
A. Jesudoss and N.P. Subramaniam
Automated Segmentation Method for Disease Identification and Fovea Detection Using GLCM and ELM
T. Vandarkuzhali and C.S. Ravichandran
A Novel Cloud Based Scheduling Strategy to Perform Transcoding for H.264 Real-Time Streaming
D. Preetha Evangeline and Anandhakumar Palanisamy
Analyze the Relationship Between the Components of Job Boredom and a Desire to Remain with the Organization
Mohammad Ghasemi, Mahdi Miri, Mahdi Najjari, Sajjad Sargolzaei, Saeed Mohammad Dadkhodaei and Ali Heidari Sadegh
Analysis of Organizational Commitment and the Role of Managers Power Components in its Improvement
Hamid Taboli, Morteza Ansari, Noor Mohammad Azarian and Abdul Qayum kord
Analyze the Effects of Implementation of Knowledge Management to Improve Organizational Productivity in Social Security Organization of Kerman Province
Hamid Taboli, Hojat Shahheidaripour, Nasimeh Aminipanah, Mahboubeh Mokhtari, Nasir Shahabi Maskoun, Ali Mohiadinimasinani and Mohammad Reza Abazari Mahmood Abad
The Study of Organizational Citizenship Behavior and its Effects on Improving Empowerment (Study of the Amiralmomenin Hospital in Zabol)
Mohammad Ghasemi and Abdullah Hashemzaee
Identification of Factors Affecting Ischemic Heart Disease Using Data Mining Algorithms
Fatemeh Rangraz Jeddi, Majid Nikougoftar Nateghm, Gholamabbass Mosavi and Zahra Shahabinia
A Review on Relationship and Challenges of Cloud Computing And Big Data: Methods of Analysis and Data Transfer
Parvin Ahmadi Doval Amiri and Mina Rahbari Gavgani
Prioritizing Components of Real-Time Dynamic Reconfigurable Software Systems for QoS Improvement
P. Sudhakar, Senthil Prakash and G. Mohana Prabha
NoC Architecture: A Closer Look
Muhammad Athar Javed Sethi, Fawnizu Azmadi Hussin and Nor Hisham Hamid
Enhanced Biometric Authentication Using Multi Feature Signature Resemblance and Multi View Edge Sectional Similarity
S. Kannan and V. Seenivasagam