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International Journal of Tropical Medicine (2017 Volume 12)

Number of issues per year: 6
ISSN : 1816-3319 (Print)
ISSN : 1818-779X (Online)
Risk Detection and Assessment in Wood and Metal Products Industries Using Hazan Method
Younes Sohrabi, Vali Alipour, Somayeh Rahdar, Mohammad Mehdi Baneshi, Morteza Ahamadabadi, Mohammad Reza Narooie, Razieh Khaksefidi, Mehdi Saeidi and Hamed Biglari
Are Household Water Purification Devices Useful to Improve the Physical Chemical and Microbial Quality of the Feed Water? Case Study: Bandar Abbas South of Iran
Vali Alipour, Mohammad Mehdi Baneshi, Somayeh Rahdar, Mohammad Reza Narooie , Arsalan Salimi, Razieh Khaksefidi, Mehdi Saeidi, Morteza Ahamadabadi and Hamed Biglari
Phenological Traits and Grain Yield of Rice Genotypes in Three Cropping Systems
Reza Yadi, Mahboubeh Ebrahimi and Salman Dastan
Consumption of Salted Fish Containing High Level of Natrium Chloride (NaCl) with Hypertension Incidence among People in Area of Salted Fish Industry Konsumsi Ikan Asin Dengan Kadar Natrium Chlorida (NaCl) Tinggi Dengan Kejadian Hipertensi Pada Masyarakat Di Wilayah Industri Ikan Asin
Arni Widiarsih, Dewi Susanna and Tris Eryando
Work During Studying from the Perspective of Nurses: A Qualitative Study by Content Analysis Approach
Houman Manouchehri, Elham Imani, Foroozan Atashzadeh-Shoorideh and Hamid Alavi Majd
Challenges of Visiting Patients in Coronary Care Unit from the Perspective of Nurses: a Qualitative Study
Mina Rezaei, Marziyeh Asadizaker, Simin Jahani and Zohreh Shamohammadi
The Relationship Between Quality of Labor and Delivery Care with the Delivery Unit Manager’s Leadership Style
Masoomeh Kheirkhah, Sima Inanloo and Hamid Haghani