Asian Journal of Information Technology

Year: 2016
Volume: 15
Issue: 1
Page No. 113 - 121

Factor Affecting the Success of Mobile Learning Implementation: A Study Ofjordanian Universities

Authors : Sharf Khaled Alzu’ Bi and Shahizan Hassan

Abstract: This study proposed to establish the importance of IS success and their correlations with the intent to use, usage, user satisfaction and net benefits of M-learning at five institutions of higher learning in Jordan. It is observed that the work of DeLone and McLean guides the development of other models used in the assessment of IS implementation but the models have not completely exhausted all the factors that contribute to the successful implementation of IS. Also, despite the contribution of culture to success of new technology, prior studies in M-learning are yet to investigate its impact on the successful implementation of M-learning. Therefore, it is against this backdrop that this study aimed to measure the effect of the factors proposed in Delone and McLean IS Success Model on M-learning implementation in Jordanian higher education institutions and to measure the effects of cultural factors in using M-learning institutions of higher education institutions. The study introduced cultural factors into the DeLone and McLean Success Model and tested how these factors determined user intention and the student satisfaction as elements of M-learning. The data collected were analysed using SPSS version 18 which was used to check the nature of data, smart PLS 2.0 m3 software packages and 2-steps approach. Precisely, culture, information technology, system quality, intention to use were found to be significantly and positively related to user satisfaction. User satisfaction and intention to use was positively and significantly related to net benefit. The research findings provide support for culture, information technology, system quality and service quality as significant factors that affect the successful implementation of M-learning in Jordan. Therefore, university administrators should consider all these factors when implementing an M-learning system.

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Sharf Khaled Alzu’ Bi and Shahizan Hassan, 2016. Factor Affecting the Success of Mobile Learning Implementation: A Study Ofjordanian Universities. Asian Journal of Information Technology, 15: 113-121.

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