Asian Journal of Information Technology

Year: 2016
Volume: 15
Issue: 17
Page No. 3280 - 3286

Markov Model Based Prediction for Effective E-Content Delivery in Cloud

Authors : G. Malini, T. Mala and A. Kannan

Abstract: In the past few years, E-learning has become one of the most sought powerful twenty first century tools. There is a need to redesign the current educational system to meet the internet and network based technology enabled education using e-learning. In this study, a new approach for cloud based content delivery is proposed in which the E-learning content is stored in a distributed manner across the cloud, thereby providing easier and faster access of course materials, along with fault tolerance feature. In this model, the future content requests of the users are predicted in advance, depending on the history of requests made by the users with the help of Markov model based prediction and are provided. The predicted content, if not available in the user’s cloud site storage is replicated. Through the experiments carried out in this research, it has been shown that the system is scalable for large number of users and the prediction deployed achieves minimum access time and response time of the users.

How to cite this article:

G. Malini, T. Mala and A. Kannan, 2016. Markov Model Based Prediction for Effective E-Content Delivery in Cloud. Asian Journal of Information Technology, 15: 3280-3286.

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