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Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Year: 2019 | Volume: 14 | Issue: 1 SI | Page No.: 3968-3973
DOI: 10.36478/jeasci.2019.3968.3973  
Telemedicine Algorithm System using Pulse Data
Seongsoo Cho , Young-Sik Kim , Yousik Hong and Changho Seo
Abstract: We propose an algorithm that can remotely pulse to receive medical system support using a smartphone and an intelligent system that uses a ubiquitous technology and a system that judges real time health status by receiving a patient’s pulse wave waveform from a remote place in real time. In real time we received the pulse waveform of the patient from a distance and realized the intelligent electronic needle which can easily judge the health condition of the patient in real time anytime and anywhere. In this study, we developed an electronic needle that automatically detects the finger tip area and automatically calculates the optimum needle in time by selecting the menu item on the fuzzy rule and web based mobile phone.
How to cite this article:
Seongsoo Cho, Young-Sik Kim, Yousik Hong and Changho Seo, 2019. Telemedicine Algorithm System using Pulse Data. Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences, 14: 3968-3973.
DOI: 10.36478/jeasci.2019.3968.3973