Research Journal of Applied Sciences

Year: 2014
Volume: 9
Issue: 12
Page No. 1211 - 1215

Abstract: In study considered using of innovative development in the field of the mixing equipment for receiving new qualitative dry construction mixes which will help with the solution of a number of problems of production of the disperse reinforced materials is considered. The design of pneumatic mixer with configuration of a technological production line of dry construction mixes on a basis of fibers is offered. Use of polypropylene fibers entered into concrete samples for the purpose of increase in durability of concrete is proved. The most important component of any process of mixture is the mechanism for formation of mix that is change of an order and sequence of actions of redistribution of initial components in the working volume of the camera and receiving an optimum surface of reacting substances. The formation of mix represents process of receiving a new material of two or several initial components. The purpose of this process is receiving essentially new materials; giving to materials of new physical and chemical properties; intensification or delay it is warm and mass-exchanged, chemical and biochemical processes.

How to cite this article:

Valery Anatolevich Uvarov, Sergey Vasilevich Klyuev, Tatyana Nicolaevna Orekhova, Alexander Vasilevich Klyuev, Eugene Olegovich Sheremet and Andrey Victorovish Durachenko, 2014. The Counterflow Mixer for Receiving the Disperse Reinforced Composites. Research Journal of Applied Sciences, 9: 1211-1215.

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