The Social Sciences

Year: 2007
Volume: 2
Issue: 3
Page No. 255 - 263

Effects of Institutional Land Uses on Road Traffic in Metropolitan Lagos

Authors : Leke Oduwaye

Abstract: There exists a reciprocal relationship between the land-use structure of an urban area and the pattern of transport network. The latter most often defines the broad frame of the former, while the former generates the traffic pattern experienced by the latter. More important is that urban transport efficiency has high influence on the socio-economic survival and strength of the city. Spatial arrangements are reciprocally tied to movement processes. Therefore, constant research into the relationships between urban traffic and the city land use is critical to urban planning. This study therefore, examines the nature of institutional land use in metropolitan Lagos. The institutional land use identified can be classified into government secretariat at both the Federal and Lagos State levels, higher educational institutions, airports and military barracks. The spatial distribution and development process of these land uses are discussed with emphasis on the effects of the land uses on traffic within the city. Major findings of the study include the fact that these lands usually occupy large traces of land to the extent that they have become constraints militating against intra-urban traffic system in the city. This most often leads to protracted traffic congestion, especially during the morning and afternoon pick periods. The study therefore, suggests that since Lagos is no more the capital city of Nigeria, some of the military barracks can be reduced in size and the land used for public housing where appropriate. They would allow major road thoroughfares to be constructed to improve spatial interaction within the city. The study also suggests the need for preparation of new Lagos Master or Strategic Plan need to update planning standards, construction of ring roads and dedicated radio station on traffic and the city information network.

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Leke Oduwaye , 2007. Effects of Institutional Land Uses on Road Traffic in Metropolitan Lagos . The Social Sciences, 2: 255-263.

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