The Social Sciences

Year: 2009
Volume: 4
Issue: 6
Page No. 654 - 656

Theory to Practice: Prospective Sport Science Curriculum of Institute of Physical Education

Authors : Sasithorn Nirantranon and Wanit Nirantranon

Abstract: The research objectives were to analyze and synthesize the opinions toward the principles, original concept, current states of curriculum and suggestions for prospective sport science curriculum of the institute of Physical Education. A combined qualitative and quantitative research process were divided into 3 periods and 8 steps by using triangulation of sources and method triangulation. The collecting data methods consisted of survey, in-depth interview, non-participant observation and curriculum document analysis. The samples were 48 instructors, 200 students, 85 employers and 5 experts in sport science program. The highlights of the research were: analysis on curriculum and implementations revealed that the aim of curriculum is to produce learners to be knowledgeable and capable in sport science, to be moral, ethical and enjoyable working. The structure of curriculum is on standard in higher education especially, general education and specific courses are the most suitable. Besides the credits, contents, instructors, education management and extra curriculum activities are very suitable. The roles of the instructors are very important but most of them are physical education majors. However, learners prefer practice to theory in teaching process. Five suggestions of prospective sport science curriculum are proposed as follows: the aim of curriculum should produce learners to be the leaders in sport science and have great skills for their research. Structure of curriculum should be 135-145 credits. Instructors should be the experts in sport science and show positive attitude to their research. Learners should be based on the philosophy in sport science, learn experiences with emphasis on learning by doing and keep goals toward their research. Qualification of learners should be responsible, skillful, cooperative, knowledgeable in sport science and good communicative as well. Employers require the graduates who cannot only teach but also suggest in exercise correctly. Moreover, they should have good personalities as well as relationships.

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Sasithorn Nirantranon and Wanit Nirantranon, 2009. Theory to Practice: Prospective Sport Science Curriculum of Institute of Physical Education. The Social Sciences, 4: 654-656.

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