The Social Sciences

Year: 2009
Volume: 4
Issue: 6
Page No. 680 - 684

Determinants of Adolescent Fertility Behaviour in Bangladesh, 2007

Authors : Prosannajid Sarkar

Abstract: Adolescent fertility is a complex phenomenon in Bangladesh due to various factors. It is found that complex set of relationship exists among the various socio-economic, cultural and demographic events, which affect the fertility in Bangladesh and can provide us a preliminary idea of how important each variable is by itself. Result shows that more of teenage mothers come from rural areas of Bangladesh, where early and forced marriage is the ideal and marital fertility is high at 96.40% married at such adolescent age. Meanwhile, mean number of living children is gradually decreases as education level increase and pill is the most prepared contraception methods of young women for birth control. Findings need to be scientifically used in suitable programs addressing the case of fertility control in the developing countries as well as in Bangladesh.

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Prosannajid Sarkar , 2009. Determinants of Adolescent Fertility Behaviour in Bangladesh, 2007. The Social Sciences, 4: 680-684.

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