The Social Sciences

Year: 2010
Volume: 5
Issue: 4
Page No. 368 - 372

Perception of Body Image in Students and Related Factors

Authors : M. Akbarbegloo, Z. Habibpur and H. Motaarefi

Abstract: Body Image Concern (BIC) is dysmorphic appearance concern includes intense concern and preoccupation with a perceived defect in appearance as well as behaviors connected to this concern. The subjective perception that an individual has of his body may be more important than objective reality of his appearance. Few studies have assessed the perception of body image in students; therefore this study was designed to determine the affecting factors in perception of body image in student. This is descriptive-analytical survey and the population consisted of students of Urmia University (Iran). Simple random sampling was used and 260 of students participated in this study. Data were collected by using a Body Image Concern Inventory (BICI) that developed by Littleton. Validity of scale was determined by content and translation validity. Reliability of scale determined by conbach alpha (α = 0.88). The results of this study revealed that perceived body image concern in students was moderate (57.47±5.6). There was a statistically significant difference between medical and nonmedical groups (p<0.0001) and also between married and unmarried students (p<0.004). Females were significantly more concern about body image (p<0.02) but was no significant correlation between BICI and age (r = -0.07, p<0.25). As body dissatisfaction is considered to be associated with the low self-esteem, higher number of depressive, anxiety and obsessive-compulsive syndromes the identification of this group of individuals and related factors that affect body image may permit the development of early preventive strategies.

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M. Akbarbegloo, Z. Habibpur and H. Motaarefi, 2010. Perception of Body Image in Students and Related Factors. The Social Sciences, 5: 368-372.

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