The Social Sciences

Year: 2013
Volume: 8
Issue: 4
Page No. 283 - 289

Social Needs and the Provision of Polytechnic Education in Ghana

Authors : Adwoa Kwegyiriba

Abstract: The first government of Ghana just after independence realised the technological need gap and built technical schools to serve that purpose. Nyarko in 2011 noted that to meet the needs of the rapidly expanding mining activities and railway lines in Ghana, technical schools were instituted in Takoradi, Kumasi and Accra. These institutions were to offer training to workers of the railway lines and mining industries in Ghana. Before the 1993 that polytechnic became part of the tertiary institution, expansion of the higher education institutions were limited and access was to higher education was the preserve of the elite group and continuing students from high school into the universities. While the then existing polytechnics served the workers community. The education reforms of 1987 created a pool of high school graduates and this has created a high demand for polytechnic education. Polytechnic education has increased the enrolment into tertiary education but do the working community and women still get the chance to access polytechnic education currently. The result of this study is, however different from the aim of the provision and expansion of the polytechnic in Ghana. The study used six out of the ten polytechnics to find out which social groups access polytechnic education in Ghana.

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Adwoa Kwegyiriba , 2013. Social Needs and the Provision of Polytechnic Education in Ghana. The Social Sciences, 8: 283-289.

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