The Social Sciences

Year: 2013
Volume: 8
Issue: 6
Page No. 505 - 510

Religion in the Urban Community: An Exploratory Study

Authors : Philip O. Sijuwade and John Santoya

Abstract: Many theologians have called for a re-examination of traditional religious practices and beliefs as they exist today in urban societies. Some argue that churches have not changed as quickly or as deeply as is necessary to confront key modern issues. Religious institutions often appear to be by passed by other social institutions and important individual and societal concerns do not appear in church agenda. The process by which religious institutions are separated from other social arrangements and lose influence throughout many areas of life is known as secularization. Historically, secularization and urbanization have been linked together and the goal of this study is to show how each process has influenced the other.

How to cite this article:

Philip O. Sijuwade and John Santoya, 2013. Religion in the Urban Community: An Exploratory Study. The Social Sciences, 8: 505-510.

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