The Social Sciences

Year: 2015
Volume: 10
Issue: 2
Page No. 194 - 200

Continual Social Graph Analysis of Online Community for a Cultural Project in the Foreign Country

Authors : Yoshida Masamiand and Thammetar Thapanee

Abstract: The globalization and internationalization are broadly deployed. At this moment, we can feel that the world is going to be flat in information communication and cultural exchanges. In 2011, JKT48; a music business project was started in Indonesia by using a business format of a popular music project in Japan. Continuously, an online fans’ community in Japan was emerged and this community had possibility to be influenced from both an original project community in Japan and a popular music scene community in Indonesia. After 2 years, JKT48 became the best idol group and their song was ranked no.1 in Indonesian music chart. This is the limited experience of success in overseas and the researcher selected this project as a case of inter-cultural recognition. And this study focused on formation of public opinion in Japanese community and discussed how and what opinion is formed through international information exchanges by prolonged monitoring. To analyze communication data, the social graph and behavior graphics were used. As results, some bridge influencers were extracted in each period and their specific connections and relations are identified. Particularly, even they provided important information, they frequently connected in a peripheral position with rather low clustering coefficient. A node of an Indonesian bridge, influencer is more popular than Japanese bridge influencers in all kinds of centralities but Japanese bridge influencers showed more informative behavior graphics types.

How to cite this article:

Yoshida Masamiand and Thammetar Thapanee, 2015. Continual Social Graph Analysis of Online Community for a Cultural Project in the Foreign Country. The Social Sciences, 10: 194-200.

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