The Social Sciences

Year: 2016
Volume: 11
Issue: 2
Page No. 164 - 173

Effects of Pre-Disaster Management of Flood in Lam Ta Kong Basin on Communities’ Ways of Life

Authors : Varatchaya Chueachanthuek, Dusadee Ayuwat and Yanyong Inmuong

Abstract: This research was aimed at studying the effects of Lam Ta Kong basin’s community-based pre-disaster management of flood on communities’ ways of living. The quality research design was applied with the units of analysis comprising household and community. The data was collected from group interview and in-depth interview based on the interview structures with the target groups including the community elderly group, village sages, village heads, community committee, community organization leaders and villagers whom had undergone flood disaster, totaling 30 persons. The interviews were conducted from February thru November 2014 in the community experiencing at least three times of flood in 2007-2012. The results were analyzed and presented based on the descriptive analysis. The research findings indicated that the community located in a flood-risk area continuously faced flood disasters. Pre-disaster management performed in order to face the flood involved on 2 major processes: Flood Disaster Mitigation: the community modified their houses or built their houses based on the safety and security thinking. This resulted in a different house characteristic. Production was also adjusted by cultivating second paddy which affected labor management. Rice breeds were changed and as a consequence, indigenous rice breeds became less popular. Disaster Preparedness Management: the community sent out warnings and kept surveillance over flooding through their networks both inside and outside the community. This led to alertness of the people in receiving information from various sources, requiring planning, cooperation and working with other communities. Safe areas were planned and provided as temporary refuges.

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Varatchaya Chueachanthuek, Dusadee Ayuwat and Yanyong Inmuong, 2016. Effects of Pre-Disaster Management of Flood in Lam Ta Kong Basin on Communities’ Ways of Life. The Social Sciences, 11: 164-173.

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