The Social Sciences

Year: 2016
Volume: 11
Issue: 14
Page No. 3490 - 3494

The Legal Framework for the Protection of the Air under International Conventions

Authors : Ameel Jabbar Ashour and Haralida Abadul Wahab

Abstract: One of the major challenges to protect the environment under international conventions is air pollution as it is a very complicated issue. It has attracted the attention of many specialists in many different fields and communities with their different social and legal rules. Issues related to environmental protection have been considered as welfare issues and thus have not been given much emphasis by the developing countries. Nonetheless, it has now become a major goal sought by all countries in order to protect planet earth from further destruction and decimation. Although the environment is the biosphere in which man and other organisms live, air pollution is a relatively recent human and social problem. Factors that threaten the environment have now become a challenge which man must face because it is the environment in which man lives that offers him food and gives him the opportunity to achieve spiritual, social, moral and development. The rapid scientific development and great competition among the countries to develop their products and weapons have led to various environmental problems. It has caused many harmful social and economic problems, particularly after the many and varied industrial developments and the numerous conflicts and wars, in which many highly destructive weapons and internationally prohibited weapons were used. Furthermore, the international communities’ attempt to address the problem of pollution at the formal, informal and international levels have been gradual. Hence, this study, proposes the adoption of the international cooperation that was designed based on the International Convention on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights of 1966 and the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment at Stockholm in 1972 which developed the concept that the right to a healthy and balanced environment is a human right. Additionally, the Vienna Convention 1985 to protect the ozone layer should also be taken into consideration. For this purpose, a qualitative method of research is adopted and primary and secondary sources were consulted.

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Ameel Jabbar Ashour and Haralida Abadul Wahab, 2016. The Legal Framework for the Protection of the Air under International Conventions. The Social Sciences, 11: 3490-3494.

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