The Social Sciences

Year: 2016
Volume: 11
Issue: 14
Page No. 3618 - 3622

Pedagogical Conditions of Students’ Self-Realization Capacity Development

Authors : Alfiya Rafaelevna Baranova and Agzam Abrarovich Valeev

Abstract: As, it is known modern social reality with ever greater clarity requires education and development of young people as an initiative and independent entity capable of creatively and actively build their relations in various spheres of reality. Today are claimed new values: self-development, self-education, self-realization which become the basis for the design paradigms of a student-centered education. And since, the development of the capacity of self-realization of students of university is a complex process of disclosure and the realization of its intellectual capacities in a variety of activities and communication, it is important to define the process of realization of students as future professionals of their own intentions and values of self-development in their professional activities. The students’ capacity for self-realization development as the process of uncovering and realization of personal potential of students in a variety of activities and communication can be effective under the following: inclusion terms and concepts into the learning content targeting future specialists on reflection, self-projection, self-development of professionally significant qualities, the development of students’ reflective and evaluative skills and abilities; cultivation of the student’s imperative for self-orientation embedded in his instincts and abilities, the formation of his value systems to the self-realization. The most productive potential of students’ self-realization is formed in the space of culture, its specific features reflected in the humanities (for example, foreign languages). It helps to form their worldview, important for personal identification and readiness for professional fulfillment.

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Alfiya Rafaelevna Baranova and Agzam Abrarovich Valeev, 2016. Pedagogical Conditions of Students’ Self-Realization Capacity Development. The Social Sciences, 11: 3618-3622.

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