The Social Sciences

Year: 2016
Volume: 11
Issue: 15
Page No. 3800 - 3803

Comparison of the Right to Cancellation Electronic Contracts with the Revocable Option in Sale

Authors : Rahman Nedaee and Taraneh Ghaderi

Abstract: Simultaneously with the development of trade relations and the development of mass media, the conclusion of commercial contracts in electronic context became prevalent. Today many of person’s transactions conducted via the Internet. The electronic contracts in terms of basic conditions of health and conclusion follow the regulations and the general rules of contract law and obligations but because the contract is concluded in an electronic context, in some cases has points of difference with traditional contracts. One of the differences between traditional contracts and electronic contracts in such contracts is applying the options because the conclusion of this category of contracts in electronic context has a significant impact on the implementation or the possibility of options. Of most important rules in the field of e-commerce law is that legislator in Article 37 approved in Persian date of 1382 for consumer in remote transaction has identified the right to cancel for 7 days. Among the most important issues related to this is that what's the difference between the right to cancel in the electronic contracts and the revocable option. Of achievements of this research which conducted descriptive and analytical methods is that, despite the apparent similarity between the right to cancel in electronic contracts and revocable option, they are different each other. Because this right unlike revocable option is not voidable in the case of mutual consent as well as it can’t be considered as a revocable option because right to cancel unlike the revocable option isn’t built of mutual consent t and legislators has imposed it on all electronic transactions.

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Rahman Nedaee and Taraneh Ghaderi, 2016. Comparison of the Right to Cancellation Electronic Contracts with the Revocable Option in Sale. The Social Sciences, 11: 3800-3803.

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