The Social Sciences

Year: 2016
Volume: 11
Issue: 17
Page No. 4208 - 4213

Problems in Consumerism at Senen Jakarta and the Solutions

Authors : May Gen (Ret) Bibit Santoso

Abstract: Because researchers are curious about how consumerism is affecting urban life in District Senen, Central Jakarta, this study aims to identify the declining cultural values that influence urban consumerism understand the factors that affect people’s lives, particularly those in the Senen Sub-district community of Jakarta and gauge the influence of consumerism on the social and economic life of this community in Senen. The research applies qualitative methods to examine the phenomenon of social and human problems. In this methodology, the researcher fully examines the results of officials report from the local government of District of Senen, Central Jakarta, responses of residents and data gathered from documents, interviews and field observations. This study found that television significantly influences consumer habits. Television is a dominant influence in Senen Sub-district urban life. Because both young people and adults are always watching television, themes presented on television and included in print media have become dominant in urban life. The total population is expected to increase faster and unemployment increases the rate of theft which affects the safety of the community, rendering people less comfortable. The use of radio and the internet was found to have no significant effect on the whole society. People generally watch television instead of relying on radio or the internet for information because they find it more practical and economical. No significant difference was found in consumerism displayed in shopping malls and traditional markets.

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May Gen (Ret) Bibit Santoso , 2016. Problems in Consumerism at Senen Jakarta and the Solutions. The Social Sciences, 11: 4208-4213.

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