The Social Sciences

Year: 2016
Volume: 11
Issue: 18
Page No. 4483 - 4488

Gender Characteristics of the Students’ Innovative Behavior

Authors : Olga B. Mikhailova and Elina A. Kaminskaya

Abstract: The study presents theoretical and empirical analysis of gender studies devoted to innovative behavior component. Basing on theoretical analysis of innovative behavior components, the authors of the article present an empirical study of gender characteristics of innovative traits and leadership skills among students. At the first stage of the study, we examined in detail the gender features of leadership skills manifestations among students enrolled in undergraduate psychological and economic specialties. The study revealed significant differences in the levels of leadership skills expressiveness and innovative qualities of male and female students getting different professions. As a result of the second phase of the study we analyzed the qualitative and quantitative information about the features of innovative behavior manifestation in male and female Master program students. Interpretation of the numerous data suggests that there are significant differences in the features of innovative behavior manifestation in young male and female students. In addition, students of different specialties demonstrated differences in levels of leadership skills and innovative qualities expressiveness. Based on the results, the article presents recommendations for the improvement of psychological-pedagogical technologies of innovative behavior formation accompaniment in higher educational institutions considering the students gender-specific personal development features.

How to cite this article:

Olga B. Mikhailova and Elina A. Kaminskaya, 2016. Gender Characteristics of the Students’ Innovative Behavior. The Social Sciences, 11: 4483-4488.

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