The Social Sciences

Year: 2016
Volume: 11
Issue: 27
Page No. 6635 - 6642

The Survey of the Social Capital Status in Sari Citizens

Authors : Parvaneh Danesh, Hossin Nazook Tabar and Ali Gorji karsami

Abstract: The present study aims at the survey of the social capital status in the Sari citizens. The study is a survey research in terms of the study methodology it adopts in reaching to the study objectives and it is an applied research in terms of the objectives. The study population includes 311546 individuals from the city of Sari who are above 15 years of age, out of which 384 people were selected as the study sample volume based on Kerjesi and Morgan’s standard sampling table (1970). There is made use of the district clustering sampling method in the present study in order for the researchers to be able to gain access to the study sample. Data collection tool in the present study has been the social capital questionnaire. The questionnaire validity was obtained through acquiring the ideas from the experts of the field and the questionnaire reliability was 0.84 based on Cronbach’s alpha method. To test the study hypotheses there is made use of one-sample t-test and Friedman’s signed-rank test. And finally it was found out that Sari citizens are well equipped with social capital and its aspects (social participation, social trust, social coherence and social relations). Also, the results of the study indicate that social capital components rating in Sari citizens is as stated below according to the current research perspective: social coherence is ranked first with a mean score of 3.54; social trust with a mean score f 3.04 is ranked second; social participation is ranked third with a mean score of and the social relations comes fourth with a mean score of 1.50.

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Parvaneh Danesh, Hossin Nazook Tabar and Ali Gorji karsami, 2016. The Survey of the Social Capital Status in Sari Citizens. The Social Sciences, 11: 6635-6642.

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