The Social Sciences

Year: 2017
Volume: 12
Issue: 3
Page No. 533 - 538

Policy of Use of Funds in the Village of Gowa Regency

Authors : Amir Muhiddin, Muhammad Ramli, Rifdan and Gufran Darma Dirawan

Abstract: The study is a qualitative research that examines the readiness of the village head pereption of the village fund. This study was conducted in gowa in four villages, two villages in the highlands and two villages in the lowlands. Je’ne tallasa and bontoala represent lowland and moncongloe and bilalang represent highland. The subject of research is public figures, elements of the government of gowa include the head of government and head of community empowerment and village government, elements include the village government, the village head, village secretary and villag and village consultative agency. Further, data collection techniques using observation, interview and documentation. The results showed that the four villages of the beneficiary villages in gowa not ready to accept the village fund in 2015, the unpreparedness include institutional aspects, aspects of Human Resources (HR) and aspects of the program. Unpreparedness of the head village received funding village resulted in the planning and implementation of the program which is neither participatory but opened a gap for the emergence of top-level government intervention then the emergence of a disorientation program or programs that are not on target.

How to cite this article:

Amir Muhiddin, Muhammad Ramli, Rifdan and Gufran Darma Dirawan, 2017. Policy of Use of Funds in the Village of Gowa Regency. The Social Sciences, 12: 533-538.

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